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css Zen Garden

Submission Guidelines

Before submitting:

  • Have you tested in as many browsers as you can? Windows and Mac? (a good answer: yes)
  • Can you scale your fonts up a few levels? (a good answer: yes)
  • Do you get a horizontal scrollbar at 800x600? (a good answer: no)
  • There have been many garden/asian imagery themes. In order to be considered, yours would need to be exceptional.
  • Same goes for intentional horizontal-scrollbars.

While none of the above points alone disqualifies a design, please try to address as many as possible before submitting.

As well, keep in mind that I have a purpose: the Zen Garden is about showcasing high–end CSS design. The cream of the crop will become official Garden designs, so treat this as you would any other portfolio piece.

Only official submissions will be added. If your design is borderline, but not quite there, I will take the time to send you a personal critique and make suggestions for how you can improve it. In both cases, personal communication is guaranteed.

Please don’t be offended if I don’t choose yours, as sometimes even very good design doesn't make it into the Zen Garden for one reason or another.

While you retain copyright of your images, submitting a design to the Zen Garden requires open licensing of your CSS file so that your work may be shared, studied, and enjoyed by everyone else.

The only exception to the above is that by submitting you agree to extend a limited license of your images to the CSS Zen Garden and its proprietor, Dave Shea, for the purposes of display and promotion of the site. The images will not be re-sold or re-used in any context other than the original Zen Garden design you have submitted, although this design may be reproduced in other media such as magazines or books for the sake of promoting the project.

And finally, by submitting your design, you grant the Zen Garden perpetual license to re-use your images under the above terms. You may decide to re-sell or later re-use your images, which is perfectly acceptable under the terms of this license, but you may not revoke the original license to the Zen Garden. In plain English: if it goes in, it stays in.