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css Zen Garden

Book Links

A list of the designs discussed in The Zen of CSS Design.

Chapter 2
Atlantis by Kevin Davis
Zunflower by Radu Darvas
Springtime by Boér Attila
Viridity by Laura MacArthur
Ballade by Charlotte Lambert
Night Drive by Dave Shea
Chapter 3
Backyard by Ray Henry
Entomology by Jon Hicks
White Lily by Jens Kristensen
prêt-à-porter by Minz Meyer
CS(S) Monk by Cedric Savarese
Not So Minimal by Dan Rubin
Chapter 4
Japanese Garden by Masanori Kawachi
Revolution! by David Hellsing
Deco by Marc Trudel
No Frontiers! by Michal Mokrzycki
Coastal Breeze by Dave Shea
What Lies Beneath by Michael Pick
Chapter 5
Oceans Apart by Ryan Sims
si6 by Shaun Inman
Release One by Didier Hilhorst
Dead or Alive by Michael Pick
Blood Lust by Dave Shea
Golden Mean by Douglas Bowman
Chapter 6
This is Cereal by Shaun Inman
Gemination by Egor Kloos
Bonsai Sky by Mike Davidson
Tulipe by Eric Shepherd
door to my garden by Patrick H. Lauke
Elastic Lawn by Patrick Griffiths
Chapter 7
Hedges by Kevin Mears
Radio Zen by Marc van den Heuvel
South of the Border by Rob Shields
Corporate ZenWorks by Derek Hansen
Open Window by Ray Henry
mnemonic by Dave Shea

Supplementary Links

As well as the designs listed above, there are scads of links and web sites referenced throughout the rest of the book. Here is a collection of those for easier access.

Chapter 1
p2 -
p11 - Web Standards Project
p12, 13 - Daily CSS Fun
p13 - Designing With Web Standards
p13 - The Daily Report: “Show, Don't Sell”
p13 -
p15 - #001, Tranquille
p15 - #002, Salmon Cream Cheese
p15 - #003, Stormweather
p15 - #004, arch4.20
p15 - #005, Blood Lust
p15 - “Using Background-Image to Replace Text”
p18 - Web Standards Solutions
p20 - “Developing With Web Standards”
p20 - “Fixing Your Site with the Right DOCTYPE”
p21 - XHTML 1.0 Reference
p24 - “The Absolute Minimum Every Software Developer Absolutely, Positively Must Know About Unicode and Character Sets (No Excuses!)”
p24 - “Flash of Unstyled Content”
p24 - “Tricking Browsers and Hiding Styles”
p25 - “[css-d] CSS signatures”
p26 - “The Trouble With EM ’n EN (and Other Shady Characters)”
p27 - Zen Garden Submission Guidelines
p28 - Bobby (now WebExact)
p29 - “Using Accesskeys - Is it worth it?”
p29 - Zen Garden Design List
p30 - “3D CSS Zen Garden”
p31 - CSS2 Selectors
p31 - SelectORacle
p34 - W3C HTML Validator
p35 - Interview: The Redesign
p35 - CSS2 Media Types
p36 - Web Content Accessibility Guidelines
p37 - Bobby FAQ (now defunct, closest alternative: “Understanding the Issues on Your Web Page”)
p37 - Bobby (now WebExact)
p37 - Cynthia Says
p37 - WAVE
p38 - A List Apart: “Fixing Your Site with the Right DOCTYPE”
p39 - WaSP Asks the W3C: “Serving XHTML with the Right MIME Type”
p39 - “The Road to XHTML 2.0: MIME Types”
p40 - Zen Garden Translations
p40 - WaSP Asks the W3C: “Specifying Character Encoding”
p43 - Creative Commons By-Attribution Noncommercial Share-Alike License
p44 - JavaScript Zen Garden Example
p44 - JavaScript Zen Garden Discussion
p45 - Wired News
p45 -
p45 - Chevrolet
p45 -
Chapter 2
p49 - The Layout Reservoir
p49 - CSS Layout Techniques: for Fun and Profit
p49 - CSS Positioning
p52, 53 - Complexspiral
p63 - Colorcom
p63 - Causes of Color
p65 - CSS2 System Colors
p71 - WCAG Guideline 2
p71 - Colorblind Web Page Filter
p75 - “Flash of Unstyled Content”
p76 - Web Developer extension
p80 - “Using Background-Image to Replace Text”
p82 - CSS2 Collapsing Margins
Chapter 3
p87 - CSS2 Tables
p89 - Position is Everything: “The IE Doubled Float-Margin Bug”
p91 - Negative Margin demo: “Creating Liquid Layouts with Negative Margins“
p94 - “Doctype switching and standards compliance: An overview”
p102 - Boxes and Arrows
p113 - Geometry of Design
p114 - CSS2 Containing Blocks
p116 - “Grazay”
p117 - Drupal
p117 - Mambo
p118 - “Containing Floats”
p118 - “How To Clear Floats Without Structural Markup” (also see this method, newly discovered since publish date: Clearing Floats)
p121 - “Absolute Clearance” (URL since changed: new link)
Chapter 4
p129 - “PNG Behavior”
p129 - “Cross-Browser Variable Opacity with PNG: A Real Solution”
p132 - “Using Background-Image to Replace Text”
p133 - “In Defense of Fahrner Image Replacement”
p133 - “Facts and Opinion About Fahrner Image Replacement”
p133 - Image replacement technique list
p143 - ‘Holy Grail’ 3-column layout
p146 - “Sliding Doors of CSS”
p146 - “Sliding Doors of CSS, Part II”
p147 - “CSS Design: Creating Custom Corners & Borders”
p151 - Mastering Digital Photography and Imaging
p151 -
p152 - iStockPhoto
p152 - stock.xchng
p152 - Creative Commons
p153 - Creative Commons search tool (URL since changed: new link)
p153 - US Copyright Office
p153 - Canada's Copyright Act
p153 - UK Patent Office
p155 - OpenVRML
p155 - Apple QuickTime VR (now defunct, closest alternative: QuickTime VR)
p155 - Web3D Consortium
Chapter 5
p165 - Serif vs. San-Serif controversy
p169 - Microsoft's font list
p169 - “Code Style Font Sampler”
p170 - Core Web fonts download (or go straight to the download page and grab the listed .exe files)
p172 - Typographic Design: Form and Communication
p177 - “Text Sizing”
p178 - MaxDesign: “Relative font sizes and inheritance”
p178 - css-discuss: “How Do I Size Fonts?”
p178, 179 - Dive Into Accessibility: “Using relative font sizes”
p179 - Box Model Hack
p179 - “Alternative Style: Working with Alternate Style Sheets”
p182 -
p189 - CSS2 Font styling
p193 - Adobe Creative Suite
p193 - Macromedia Studio MX
p194 - Kiwi Media's Morpheus typeface
p195 - Typography at Web Page Design for Designers
p195 - “Type: the Extra Mile”
p195 - The Mac is Not a Typewriter
p195 - The PC is Not a Typewriter
p196 - The Non-Designer's Type Book
p196 - Typographic Design: Form and Communication
p196 - The Elements of Typographic Style
p196 - Alphabet: The History, Evolution, and Design of the Letters We Use Today
p196 - The End of Print
p197 - Type Designers (page has since gone missing)
p197 - Identifont
p197 - MyFonts
p197 - Adobe Type Library
p197 - Fonts, Main
Chapter 6
p201 - CSS2 Specificity, Inheritance
p207, 209 - MOSe
p208 - OPAL Group’s SelectORacle
p210 - CSS2 Box Model
p218 - CSS/Edge menu example
p223 - Dean Edwards’s IE7
p223 - whatever:hover
p229 - Web Developer extension (URL since changed: new link)
p231 -
p232 - Cameron Adams' JavaScript Layout experiment (link has a typo and extraneous hyphen as printed: correct link)
p232 -
p232 - “Elastic Design”
p234, 235 -
p235 - max-width in Internet Explorer”
p255- “Making the Absolute, Relative”
p266 - Box Model Hack
p267 - Opera 7 CSS3 @media technique (URL since changed: new link)
Closing Thoughts
p275 - CSS Crib Sheet
p275 - W3C HTML Validator
p275 - W3C CSS Validator
p276 - “Containing Floats” at Complex Spiral Consulting
p276 - Margin collapsing, explained by Andy Budd
p276 - Box Model Hack
p276 - “Flash of Unstyled Content”
p276 - “min-height: fixed”
p277 - Peekaboo Bug fix
p278 - Link Style Syntax
p279 - Position is Everything
p279 - IE 3-Pixel bug fix (article since placed behind a for-pay barrier, unfortunately)
p280 - css-discuss
p280 - CSS at MaxDesign
p280 - CSS/Web Standards Links
p280 - Holy CSS, Zeldman!
p280 - Position is Everything
p280 - A List Apart
p281 - Digital Web Magazine
p281 - Web Standards Project Buzz
p281 - Cascading Style Sheets: The Definitive Guide, 2nd Edition
p281 - Eric Meyer on CSS
p281 - Designing with Web Standards
p281 - Web Standards Solutions
p281 - Special Edition: Using XHTML and HTML