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Other Submissions 7/11

This page is an archived list of submitted Zen Garden designs that didn't make the cut for one reason or another. Due to many of these designs being hosted on servers outside our direct control, expect broken links. The designs added to the Zen Garden are also available. Total designs listed: 1039

eyeZen by Pieter Melotte

Accalmie by Benoit Peltier

Seascape by Roy Reed

Playing With Fire by Joanne Perry

Green Star by Gareth Ballester

Floating Fonts by Adam Stacoviak

Origami by Paolo Adami

En Passant by Peter Anderson

Colors of the Deep by Arthi Amaran

Dirty Wall by Manuel Catez

Old Tree by Radek Sery

East of Eden by Martin Wehrle

birdy by Dusan Smolnikar

Sub Zero by Neil Whiteley

Chocolate by Masamichi Ban

Open by Thomas Brian

Revolution by Sigge Aamdal

The Bridge to a new Freedom by Snorri Sturluson

Green Garden by Ivan Bottoni

Pergamin by Krzysztof Plonka

My Fall by Jeremy Marr

Minimalistic squared by Andrea Dieni

Rain by Pierre-Leo Bourbonnais

Simple Gradients by Jon Steinar

Lillies by Bryde Dodd

Fallen Leaf by Chris Robins

Golden Leaves by Alex Koti

Silverlined by Alexander Juhl Bendt

Foggy by Marc van den Dobbelsteen

Simple Pepper by Simone Bertoloni

SKI Garden by Patrick Ryan

Simplicity in Purple by Stephen Howlin

barcode by David Palme

Book by Gokhan Boybek

Fluidity by Michael Cromwell

Black and White Window by Rory Joseph Casey

Understated Equilibrium by Kenneth Vaughan

No Images by Andrew Famiano

Silver by Artturi Laitakari

Dark Zen by Carlos Varela

Up and Over by Danny Cohen

Zen Music by Paul

Just a Bit of Decay by Nick Cowie

Dreamer by Jonathan Hsu

Sketch by Stephen Dolphin of United Kingdom

Blue Fireworks by Jun'ichi Saito of Japan

Trick of the Light by Mary

Stripe by Arjun Lall

Lonely Penguins by David Bain

Grafted Clouds by RMCox

Tunnel Vision by Dean Sabatino

Purple Haze by Ben Scofield

Black Lighthouse by Ramiro Suarez

No Theme by Niket Kaisare

greyscale by Djinn Fissure

Information Mapping by Monika Dispas

Earth Tones by John Cragin

Chocolate Bubble by Edward Jung

Lizard Land by Russ Wittmann

Orange Delight by Robbin van Eijsden

Clean by Sam Chrisp

Utilitarian by Ben Nolan

Clean Paper by Michael Landis

untitled by Jason Estes

Bollywood by Amy & Courtnie

Playing Cards by David, Joel & Colby

Geisha by Moriah, Nathan & Terri

Architecture by Tanya & Frank

Insert Coins by Kevin Gulledge and Shaun Kolnick

The Way Zen Works by Tess Evans and Ronnie Schmidt

50s Diner by Cesar Torres, Rosalinda Ruiz, and Keith Harbour

Space by Marcel Presetya, Daniel Ramos, and Lucy Wu

RENT by Olivia-Beth Horak and Kate Rutherford

Jazz by T.D. Lee and Melissa Simon

Wal-Mart by Chris Elsberry and Clement Le

Presents by Josh Hoptay and Chris Stangle

Minimal by Eric Harvey

The Forbidden Donut by Kristen Evans and Mike McKim

The Spectacle by Mitchell Gaikowski

Beach by Dave Woods

Day and Night by Colas Schretter

Children at Play by Joe Gautreau

Monkey Business by Sherrie Rohde

Toddler Art by Rob Drummond

Kids Zen Garden by Valeria Pina

Mid Air by Harris Lapiroff

Hirnlego by Jeremy Keith

Mad Carrot by James Griffin

Happy Hour by Erica L. O'Grady

Child's Play by Michelle Bennet

Snack Bar by Jay Wiggins

Bubble Zen by Andrea Piernock

zen on the grass by William Panasiuk

Work in Progress by Philipp Schilling

Historic Landmark by Ted Balmer

El Greco by Michael Dill

San Francisco by Michael Dill

Rocks by Rafael Porcher

Post It by Patrik Totero

just play! by Simon Bruehlmann