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css Zen Garden

Other Submissions 6/11

This page is an archived list of submitted Zen Garden designs that didn't make the cut for one reason or another. Due to many of these designs being hosted on servers outside our direct control, expect broken links. The designs added to the Zen Garden are also available. Total designs listed: 1039

Readable by Colas Schretter of Belgium | Jul 05, 2005

Hide & Seek by Colas Schretter of Belgium | Jul 05, 2005

Enlightenment DR17 by Ian Norton-Badrul of United Kingdom | Jul 05, 2005

hover bother by Ian Norton-Badrul of United Kingdom | Jul 05, 2005

Propaganda by Chip Adams | Jul 05, 2005

CSS Zen Ocean by Kai Laborenz of Germany | Jul 05, 2005

All Aboard by Chris Heilmann of United Kingdom | Jul 05, 2005

Somewhere by Samuel Le Morvan | Jul 05, 2005

Orchid by Jakob Nilsson | Jul 05, 2005

Organic Desire by Kassetra Stevenson | Jul 05, 2005

Zaurus by Ian Norton of United Kingdom | Jul 05, 2005

Killer Style by Scott Kiekbusch | Jul 05, 2005

Fleur by Hervé Cauwelier | Jul 05, 2005

spring04 by Chris Eidhof of Netherlands | Jul 05, 2005

:[o.o]: by Gabor Magasvari of Hungary | Jul 05, 2005

Traffic by Nicole Hanusek | Jul 05, 2005

Revealed by Kaare Byberg | Jul 05, 2005

Lemon Aid by Marko Dugonji? | Jul 05, 2005

A Bright Light by Jarek Piórkowski | Jul 05, 2005

Kinder Garden by Andrew Laignel of United Kingdom | Jul 05, 2005

door to my garden (advanced) by Patrick H. Lauke of Germany | Jul 05, 2005

Pushing the Limits (of CSS) by James N Pope | Jul 05, 2005

l33t by Pablo Mayrgundter

Stone Forest by Hannie Fan

Brick by terrylan manalansan

On a River Bank by Libby Peters

Circus by Irene Herz

In The Pink by Steve Henderson

Circus by Jon. by Moreschi Jonathan

JASA - Just Another Shirt Ad by perke

homework by nailman

Long.Life by Aleksandra Przygoda

40 AU by Paolo Adami

Mia Design by François Rault

Marimbondo by Lucas Sigrist

Roses by Irene Herz

Beach Umbrella by Michael Hines

csszengarden moontheme by Colasse Samuel

TerraZen by Imbert Jacques-Olivier

Christmas Morning in the Zen Garden by Beth Wagoner

CSS The Final Frontier by Ashley Goodman

Afaq Sohail by Afaq Motiwala

Time by Wim Deschout

Cyber Punk by Timothy Fielding

Pa Kua Zen Garden by Marcus Beckenkamp

Quamp by Sinisa Bohacek

Les Crozes by Lindsay Ashford

Rollover Night by Steve Tchorzewski

Final Boss by Elliott Mason

My Garden by veged

Dorothee by Pierre-Aime Imbert

Orange Juice by Dave Hunsberger

RelaxationTime by Escofier Adeline

Simpel by Knud Due Andersen

mirrored sun by Stefan Herzig

CSS Water Garden by Felix Garske

2004 by Alex Dounavis

Space! by Yazan Hussain

Swell by wrigglyfish

Cleo by Mike Zellers

Happy Stripes by Seda Özses

Blur by Seda Özses

Shades of Blue by Fabio Paoleri

Green by Simon Rota

Chocolate by runningtings

Blue Schizo by Fabio Galli

Space Webula by Dean Sauls

Discarica by Sebastiano Pitruzzello

Cubic Garden by Levente Csabai

Shoko by Sherrie Rohde

RJ45 by Simeone Consonni

at night by Michael Maier

Achromatics by Robert Wallis

the Day Today by Rich Middleditch

simply red by peter lundberg

A grey new world by David Longworth

Red, Yellow and Blue by Jacob Mul

Pink Squareness by Heiko Stiegert

Brazilian Garden by Sidnei Vladisauskis

lowercase by Minh Lee Goon

Spiralicious by Michael W. Brown

Travelling Light by Ben Gilman

-- by Brian Veach

Simple Green by Wes Edling

Zoom Layout by Ischa Gast

Reflections by Oliver Müller

Pure by Pierre-Leo Bourbonnais

galaxy by Colas Schretter

Scientific Paper by Colas Schretter

Coffee Break by Amy M

LightBowl by Jens Erikstad

Corporate Reflections by Michael Southerton

Simple Minds by Jos van der Maas

Aboriginal Dreaming by Amy Martin

Sobre by Arnaud F

Imageless by Teevio

Zen Girl by Colin Verot

Zen as Mondriaan by AkaXakA

Very Simple BLUE by Wolfgang Ruge

grapes by florian fruehstueck