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Other Submissions 10/11

This page is an archived list of submitted Zen Garden designs that didn't make the cut for one reason or another. Due to many of these designs being hosted on servers outside our direct control, expect broken links. The designs added to the Zen Garden are also available. Total designs listed: 1039

Tic Tac by Jonatan Bohr Brask

Olympic Garden 1972 by Gerrit van Aaken

A Flock of Seagulls by Gilles Guillemin

Rainy Train by Gilles Guillemin

Sign by Gregory Kapustin

arl-design by Arlathan

Checkerboard Zen by Shawn Brown

Rock On! by Robb Schiefer

Zen Dada by Chenuza

Corporate ZG by Pascal Florin

Nokia by wiLQ

Zen Juice Carton by Jason Earl

Eyes Wide Open by Rob Smith

Chinese Zodiac by Christine Murray

Conspiracy Theory by Richard McFarland

Minestrone by James Offer

Ripples by AstreaEdge

Monkey Jungle by Stepan 'Monkey' Stipl of Czech Republic

BlueDot by Torn

Flowing in the Wind by Felipe Diaz

Zen Music by Paul Symanski

Start this Record by Peter Kruithof

Mountain Dew by Alexander Fuller

Spanky by Paul Haine

Nuclear Zen by Jan Kahoun

Leaked Draft by Jamie Gallant

Everything Zen by Jamie Gallant

Paradise by Steve Oberg

Opium by Daniele Marletta

Blue Sun by Rahul Choudhury

Orange Style by Fabio Maccari

Beholder by Marci Ronyai

Swimming with the Dolphins by John Teague

Factory by 20cent

Tragedy by Nicolas Noakes

Wintertraum by Holger Rothemund

Best Foot Forward by Andrea Piernock

So Long… by Mike Pepper

Rock Garden by Stefano Romani

ByZentium by Theodosis Landas

Windmill by Ryan Brill

Souvenir de Mauve by Paola Cavallari

Fresco Studio by Desmond McRory

Maple by Tomohiko Manabe

Glowing Baby by Marko Dugonjić

Behind the Rocks by Céline Pluss

Lighthouse by Nicolas Prade

Infinity by Jason Turpin

Jenna by Thierry Koblentz

animeZEN by eXplosive

Illuminatus by Mel Pedley

H30 by YTW

Earthy Dreams by Dean Phillips

The Gangster by Derek Cook

Floating by Martijn ten Napel

And then there was Provence by Jürgen E. Haug

Mission Control by Derek Cook

phelix by Claire Campbell

Surfing the Grid by Chad Chadwick

Inside Blinders by Jeremiah Lewis

Elephante by Nicole Hanusek

Freedom by Derek Cook

Pink Steel by Chris Hester

Gear It Up! by Russ Wittmann

Phone Phreak by Patrick H. Lauke

Nylon Storm by Patrick Tanguay

Don't Forget Korea by Rob Lifford

Tschichold Typography by Robert Dodson

Terminal by Todd Markelz

the long road by Jason Estes

Bamboo45 by Lorena Molinari

Cherry Blossom by Marina Petterson

Lava Lamp by Kendall Osborn

Ancient Painting by Zacky Ma

Lily Lake by Martin Hauck

Samurai by James Montgomery

Bamboo by Giuseppe Benvenuto

white glass by Miguel Albrecht

Sunny Flower by Aurélien Bottazini

Dark Roses by Ludek Cernocky

Legnica Park by Krzysztof Plonka

Modern Daisies by Beth Wagoner

Emptiness Is Zen by Benson Low

Lilac Dreams by Ms. Detta

Heaven by Taishi Yamada

Seasonal Bland by Pierce Gleeson

Mist in Nagoya by Ander Aznar

Mother's Day by Dave Catterick

Haiku by Ehekatl Hdz.

A Natural Flow by Jun'ichi Saito of Japan

Night Daisy by Kandra Churchwell

Envy by Gavin Sim

Nipon by Can Can

Flowerbox by Bryant Cutler

Zen stones by Liquid Diamond

trémière by Nicolas Prade

Forbidden Fruit by Duncan O’Neill

Black & White by Tom Oya

Rose Garden by Cathy Madsen

Greut’s Gardening by Blanc Yoan