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Testing Grounds

An index of various bug tests, technology support level tests, neat tricks, and so forth. Used to be active, isn’t anymore.

min-height: fixed;

September 16th, 2004

Fixing the lack of support for min-height with a few workarounds.

Revised Image Replacement

August 15th, 2003

Plenty of new and interesting revisions to the original Fahrner Image Replacement technique have sprouted up recently. This is an attempt to consolidate them, so that perhaps we can decide on the official replacement.

Current PNG Support

June 9th, 2003

Testing support of the PNG file format in today's browsers.

Paragraph Hovering Variations

May 29th, 2003

Playing with :hover effects on elements other than links — taking Stuart Robinson's lead and running with it.

Horizontally Centered Absolute Positioning

April 22nd, 2003

When moving an object from one position in the document stream to a completely different spot in the layout, absolute positioning is the only way to go. However, you are forced to align to the left or right sides of the browser window. This is an attempt to align from a central axis.

Mozilla Background Transparency Bug

April 13th, 2003

Mozilla-based browsers prior to v1.3 seem to skew the colour of a background image, if it is a GIF with transparency, and the element has been absolutely positioned.