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External resources and publications that users of this site may find useful. No responsibility claimed or implied for appropriateness of external content, freshness of links, or that pine forest scent. But you knew that.


456 Berea Street
Roger Johansson on CSS, coding matters, and accessibility.
Jeremy Keith
On DOM scripting and other fine web technology.
Greg Storey on design, web culture, and brilliantly snarky commentary.
All in the Head
WaSPer Drew McLellan on coding, tech, and standards.
Andy Budd
Design and web standards.
Richard Rutter on CSS, web design, and life in Brighton, UK.
Cameron Moll
Design, CSS, and great Photoshop tips.
Daring Fireball
John Gruber on all things Apple.
Illustrator Jon Hicks on design and illustration.
Jason Santa Maria
On design and web culture.
Jeff Croft
Mixing design and coding like nobody's business.
Joe Clark
Accessibility expert Joe Clark on type, media, and life in Toronto.
Joel on Software
Programming and intelligent software design.
Jason Kottke on web culture and technology.
The Man in Blue
Cameron Adams on Javascript and the like.
Mark Boulton
On design and type for the web.
CSS expert Eric Meyer on coding issues and life in Ohio.
Mike Industries
Mike Davidson on technology and web trends.
Molly Holzschlag wrote the book that got me doing this web stuff in the first place. Frequent writing on standards, web culture, and tech.
XML founding father and fellow Vancouverite Tim Bray on tech, photography, and life.
Plastic Bag
Tom Coates on social software, design thinking, and web culture.
Shaun Inman
Mix equal parts design, coding, and CSS. Shake liberally. Pour and serve chilled.
Designer and author Dan Cederholm on healthy markup, CSS, and icon design.
A rare mix of top notch design and coding skills in the same brain.
Stuff and Nonsense
Andy Clarke on design, CSS, and coding.
Khoi Vinh’s fantastic weblog on design and web culture, live from New York.
Veerle's Blog
Belgian designer Veerle Pieters on her work and her life.
Andy Baio always has great links. Mainly web culture with smatterings of tech.
What Do I Know?
Todd Dominey on design tools and occasional Mac goodies.

Product Reviews

All products reviewed and recommended on this site are available in one convenient location, though perhaps they will find their way to this page one day too.