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mezzoblue v4

May 24, 2004, 7PM PST

If you’ve been on this site any time over the last couple of days, you might have noticed a small sign at the top saying that mezzoblue was getting a minor structural upgrade, and things would be back to normal today. That was a lie and a half.

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What is RSS/XML/Atom/Syndication?

May 19, 2004, 8AM PST

The little orange buttons that are starting to litter the web have no doubt caused mass confusion. What are they good for? Why are they there? And why don’t they work? While I and others are starting to look into suggestions for developers to alleviate this design flaw, I thought I’d take a minute to talk about what this technology potentially means to you, the user. (If you already know what RSS stands for, this article won’t tell you anything new, but feel free to reference when you need to explain syndication.)

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