November 10, 2003, 4PM —

Necessity forced the abandonment of software solutions in favour of hardware; a router got bought. A router with sticky-uppy thingies, to be more precise. Yes, we have discovered 802.11 (wireless) and oh is it good. Sitting on the couch with an Airport-enabled iBook (which is increasingly becoming the weapon of choice chez Shea) and a good pair of headphones tuning in to a radio station from a timezone a whole day removed while writing one’s latest tome on Cascading-something-or-other is a most agreeable way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

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November 08, 2003, 11AM —

A year already? A year. Already.

I keep stopping myself from writing over-detailed summaries about how I created other similar sites before this one going back to 1997, and how this one has really been around since 2001, but the weblog and the ‘official’ birth of mezzoblue happened a year ago. Too tedious for anyone but me though.

So to try (and fail) to avoid a self-indulgent narcissism-fest, here’s a simple month-by-month summary of the year you’ve been with me, and we’ll leave it at that.

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IE x 3!

November 06, 2003, 3PM —

thumbnail of screenshot of IE5 in action

Ethan, excellent find! The big news for today is that it is possible to get multiple versions of Internet Explorer running on a single Windows box.

Joe Maddalone has written up the process in detail, and while there could be a couple of tweaks to make it easier to understand, I was able to follow it and verify that, yes indeed, IE5.01, 5.5 and 6.0 can all run on the same computer. Here’s my screenshot of IE5.01 in action on an XP box normally running IE6.0.

Great thinking Jon, this is exactly what we need! Now the question is, as Matt Haughey puts it, what possible explanation would keep them from releasing the simple info and making developers the world over happier to use MS products? I’m hoping to get an answer. Stay tuned.

update: Luke Redpath has put together a great set of colour-coded icons for the various IE installs.

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