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MT Edits

A simple set of sensible front-end editing controls for Movable Type that enable bypassing the manager interface for many common tasks.


Current ZIP archive v1.03, released 9 December 2004 — Download Now.


  • Movable Type 2.6+ (3.0 if using template samples)
  • PHP (any recent version should work)
  • Firefox, Safari, Opera (mainly because the buttons will look terrible in IE. Your computer will thank you for the upgrade anyway. Get Firefox)


Upload edit-buttons.png and editing-controls.css to your web server. Note the path.

Feel free to bypass the included template file, and just copy and paste the snippets from below. Note the warning about the Set Cookie routine.

Otherwise, the included Individual Entry Archive template should be considered a guide for where to place the following snippets. Unless your MT template hasn't been customized at all, it's probably a bad idea to simply replace your own template with this one.

Load "sample-template.html" into a text editor and compare to your own Individual Entry Archive, and copy and paste the code snippets (clearly marked in the template) into a corresponding spot within your own template. Make sure to update the CSS file link to the path you uploaded the files to.


No warranty expressed or implied. You're on your own. Caveat emptor. Use at your own risk. No matter what happens, it's not my fault. You've been warned. (That said, aside from ignoring the cookie warning below or hitting the new 'delete' buttons on your site by accident, chances of actual injury are low.)

License terms: this work, and this work alone is released to the Public Domain. All files within the MT Edits zip file are free to use, re-use, and abuse as you see fit. Feel free to credit the source if you so choose, but there's absolutely no obligation to do so. License terms available at Creative Commons.

Known Issues

  • Currently uses the deprecated $HTTP_COOKIE_VARS. Will change to the correct $_COOKIE syntax sooner or later.
  • ‘Rebuild’ function uses GET unsafely.