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A random assortment of binary goodies to share with all your friends.

Markup Guide

A basic guide to semantic markup, including proper usage examples. This is meant for people who don't necessarily know (or care) about semantic markup, but may have to deal with it anyway. Get it styled or unstyled.

Winter 2004 Wallpaper

mezzoblue Winter Wallpaper

A wallpaper- and postcard-sized version of the seasonal header adorning this site during December 2004. Available as a print-ready postcard (PDF, 5.7MB), and wallpaper-sized 1024x768, 1280x960, 1600x1200, and Powerbook-friendly 1280x854

MT Edits

MT Edits

A simple package including scripts and graphics to allow editing of your Movable Type weblog from any page on your site.