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Mighty Mouse Reviewed

August 24, 2006
Mighty Mouse = Garbage.

Chris says:
August 24, 13h

Really? I enjoy using mine and I’m able to right-click no problem. I have the BT Mighty Mouse so I can’t say if the scroll ball will break or not, I’ve only had it a few weeks but I use it every day. Each to their own I suppose.

Nick Toye says:
August 24, 13h

I have to agree with the third point about the side buttons, that annoys me. But then so does the fact that I am not able to Save For Web using one hand with Photoshop as easy as I could on my PC.


August 24, 13h

I never even took mine out of the shrink wrap.

August 24, 13h

My problem with the Mighty Mouse is that it too closely resembles the original one button mouse, so invariably I will use both fingers to click instead of just one, which is a habit I picked up long ago.

If there had been a clear distinction between the left and right mouse buttons, I think I would have been happier with it.

PatrickQG says:
August 24, 13h

I used the mighty mouse with an iMac G5 (iSight) for 4 months, never had a problem with it. When I order my next laptop (in the next couple of weeks) a bluetooth mighty mouse will be part of the order.

August 24, 13h

Witty, Dave. I laughed.

I’m a MM owner too, and I enjoy it. It’s a lot less bulky than my MS Intellimouse Explorer (MS can’t make things with short names), so it packs easily in my PowerBook’s bag.

I really don’t have trouble with the right-click detection, but some apps don’t like the scroll wheel.

I’d give it a 3/5…

David Martin says:
August 24, 14h

I got a laugh out of it, however I disagree. My only complaint is the ridiculous name. Other than that, this mouse has garnered a permanent home on me desktop.

August 24, 14h

Been using the mighty mouse here at work for like 4 months now. It’s not a bad mouse but I’ve had some problems.

1) The scroll ball won’t scroll up anymore. Some get stuck in there like on the old ball mice. I found that pushing down on the ball and blowing real hard into the hole clears whatever is obstructing the sensor.

2) When I left click something and I need to drag, getting to the end of the mouse pad can be a problem. With a normal button mouse you can just leave the button click and move the mouse to the other side of the pad. With the MM, you have to be careful when moving to the other side of the pad since you actually have to press down on the mouse. So when you move back over, you’ll find that you have a tendency to relax pressure on the mouse thus losing whatever you were dragging like when cropping an image zoomed in at 800%.

3) Side buttons == useless. They require too much pressure to be useful.

August 24, 14h

Not even my laptop’s touchpad is that painful. o_O

August 24, 14h

I agree, Dave. I am new to Macs - I needed one for a project in the spring and now I’m a convert. (I was thinking about a PowerBook, but bought the iMac G5, based, in part, on your March musings about Macs, Intel and Adobe.)

I *love* the iMac, but the mouse was so frustratingly hard to work with, that I replaced it with an MS wireless laser mouse. Haven’t been sorry about that either.

August 24, 14h

FWIW – We have several MM at our office. Only one of us uses a mousepad. His MM is infinitely cleaner than mine, or anybody else’s for that matter. He has no scroll-nipple problems, and no gunk on the bottom.

I guess that makes a case for mousepad relevancy again.

Bob Monsour says:
August 24, 14h

Nice review. Edward Tufte would be proud.

August 24, 14h

My feeling were quite on the contrary:

All it took was one week with the BT MM and I ditched my MX1000 and G5.

Jeremy says:
August 24, 14h

This is the funniest and true-to-life post I have ever seen. Great illustration. My MM went to the trash soon after I bought it. All the reasons you have illustrated, especially that damn scroll wheel do-hicky! Complete garbage! Thanks Dave you made my day!

ramanan says:
August 24, 14h

I’d have to say I agree with you. ( It’s such a crap mouse. At least it looks nice.

Dan says:
August 24, 14h

So do you have a recommendation for another mouse?

I was getting ready to buy the BT MM, but am now hesitating. The reviews out there seem to be quite mixed. I’d love a good BT laser mouse and thought the MM might be the answer…

Dave S. says:
August 24, 14h

I figured there would be folks out there who have had an experience opposite to mine, and that’s okay, you’re allowed to like your MM. I liked it just fine when I got it with my iMac.

But after 6 months of daily use the annoyances added up, and I finally threw it on ice and dragged out the trusty old Logitech. So while I’m not assuming your experience will be similar, I will caution that if you’ve only spent a short time with it, you might want to reserve final judgment for a while.

Gabe says:
August 24, 14h

Threw out your MX1000? I’ve slowly worked my way up the Logitech chain to the MX1000, and I gotta say that it’s the best mouse I ever used. All the extra buttons are nice, but what I really like about it is how well it fits my hand. There’s no way I’m going back to something as unergonomic as the mighty mouse. Okay, so it’s better than the iMac hockey puck, but ergonomically it still stinks.

Andy says:
August 24, 14h

I never could get the right-click to work 100% on my Mighty Mouse either. I picked up the Danger Mouse by MacMice on Tuesday (laser mouse for $30!) and I like it a lot better.

August 24, 15h

I wouldn’t go as far as saying the Mighty Mouse is garbage but I have 2 big complaints:

The “scroll nipple” (I don’t know if that’s what its officially called but I like it Josh) will sometimes get stuck. This usually happens when I take a swig of diet coke and I get a little condensation on my finger. What I usually do to fix this is press down really hard on the scroll nipple and roll it around in all different directions for about 10 seconds.

Sometimes when I left-click it will right-click and when I right-click it will left-click.

Its definitely better than my old mouse. Microsoft definitely makes the worse mice known to man…like that’s a surprise.

nat says:
August 24, 15h

I wanted to like the MM. I really did. But apparently, I hold the mouse at a bit of an angle (I hadn never noticed before), so that nearly every click on the MM registered as a right click, and my thumb rested directly on the (super-sensitive) side button, so that every time I had to lift the mouse or move my hand, it would trigger Expose and all of my windows would disappear. After about a month of trying I gave up and gave it away to a co-worker, and he loves it.

August 24, 15h

Interesting. I almost bought one of these, but even just trying it in the store, I felt the scroll ball was pretty sketchy; the two-finger trackpad drag is so delightful, I kind of wish a mouse could replicate the exact effect.

I wonder if there’d be a market for a kind of mouse where its front had an ipod-y sort of scroll zone it…

Mike D. says:
August 24, 15h

1. Click detection works flawlessly for me as long as I’m not trying to crossover and use it with my opposite hand (which I don’t do).

2. Scroll ball thingie “breaks” easily but is very cool. In order to unbreak it every few months, I just roll some hand sanitizer into it. Fixes it up right away.

3. Yes, the squeeze thing must be turned off immediately.

Adam Rice says:
August 24, 15h

I’ve got one. On balance I like it, but I agree it is flawed.

I like the scroll-ball, and I now find scroll wheels intolerably one-dimensional. It does require some alarmingly tough love to keep it working (lots of rubbing alcohol and forceful rapping and rolling). It’s ridiculous that it apparently is mechanical, not optical.

I find the right/left finger sensor is wrong often enough to be annoying, but not often enough to put me off.

The side sensor I’ve disabled.

August 24, 16h

I couldn’t agree more. I’m on my second Mighty Mouse and I’m again having trouble with the scroll “nipple” (such a brilliant term… ah, the blogosphere). It decided one day that it didn’t like scrolling down. Left and right are still working and useless but down? No such luck.

And those side buttons…. geesh.

Michael Nye says:
August 24, 16h

I don’t actually mind my mighty mouse. I like the scroll ball(or nipple, heh), as opposed to the wheel, since it works fine for me. Unlike many, I have not had the problem with the scroll ball not moving up.

I do not have trouble with the two button scheme it used, though I agree they should have just used buttons.

And personally, I do like the side buttons. While gimicky, I use them regularly for exposé, though could easily do without them.

August 24, 17h

I absolutely agree.

I just dumped my MM for a Logitech. The sensor buttons were just too erratic and annoying for me.

gb says:
August 24, 17h

I’m glad I’m not the only one who hates the MM. I believe both of my brothers have one, and like them, yet I sit down at their computers and get frustrated. Give me my logitech kit any day (give one of those logitech wireless laser desktop for mac dealies a whirl… awesome).

August 24, 17h

I agree, it’s the most uncomfortable and difficult mouse I’ve ever used. Right clicking doesn’t always work cause you have to lift your left finger off the mouse first, which is very unintuitive. I like the design of the scroll ball, but the fact that it jams up with gunk is annoying.

I never had a problem with the side buttons not working, but I would have preferred it to have two thumb buttons, like the Logitech MX1000, MS IntelliMouse Explorer, etc.

Nick says:
August 24, 19h

For the record, I love my mighty mouse! All you have to do to fix the scroll ball is clean it with a q-tip, but mine has not ever given me problems. It’s a fantastic tool for any web developer.

August 24, 19h

I would find it an adequate mouse for everyday use if it:

1. Allowed clicking of both the left and right mouse buttons.
2. The side buttons became actual buttons rather than crappy pressure sensitive buttons.
3. The side buttons behaved as separate buttons instead of a single button in two places.
4. The side buttons were placed in a more viable location.
5. If they did a bit more about preventing dirt from getting into the scrollball (I’ve found spraying air into it works better than alchohol).
6. If they allowed easy dismantling of the mouse to properly remove dirt from it. It’s a bit unsettling seeing small particles of dirt inside the mouse without anything to do about it.
7. Fix the sensor problem. I hate left clicks becoming right clicks sometimes.

I use one at work consistently. I don’t find that it hurts my hands any, but I’m not prone to pain in my hands (I loved lines in school… I could do that all day) so I can’t be a proper judge of that. I really like the scrollball. I had a mouse years ago that had one, but it was a bit stupid and more prone than the MM in getting dirty. They either need to make that optical or find some way to prevent dirt from getting trapped in there preventing the sensor from picking up a direction or two. Oddly enough I much prefer my Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer.

andrew says:
August 24, 20h

Apple just secretly wanted to punish people who dared ask for more than one button.

Logitech G5 is where it’s at.

Mau says:
August 24, 20h

I assume that you are talking about the ‘wired’ Mighty Mouse, right?

I got a Tail-less Mighty Mouse and it has worked just great!

Accuracy, range, battery duration… all good… so far.

The only thing I miss (and I am very eager and welcoming to hear tips about this) is the ability to configure a button as a Back button for the browser.

If you have ideas… please drop me a line!!!

Alex Arsenault says:
August 24, 21h

I have to say… I’m a bit worried, now that I’m awaiting my tailless MM shipment from California.

I suppose I should add that I ordered a customized MacBook from Apple, being a web developer and needing a little more power and RAM, and instead of shipping within the 1-3 business days I was promised (the latest it should have shipped was Monday), I have been gifted and it supposedly isn’t shipping out until the 29th. I had to call and ask a few times what the problem was, and both times I was told that it was packaged and the data had been transmitted to FedEx.

I was given free 2-3 day shipping the second time I called, and was told to call back in two days if it hadn’t shipped. I talked to a supervisor, who ‘sincerely apologized’, but gave me $75.00 off the laptop to help me feel better about the inconvenience.

I’ll definitely post with how it turns out once I get the MM in, though!

August 25, 00h

Haha, I’ve got a friend with one of these and he’s got the same problem as Michael Turnwall said earlier; it won’t scroll up. It’s also worth mentioning that the mouse in question is about three weeks old.

Let’s just say Logitech sold at least one mouse this month…

mario says:
August 25, 01h

Glad to see that I’m not the only one to get frustrated with MM!

Peter says:
August 25, 01h

I wrote a post in november last year about my Mighty Mouse.

Since then it got worse and the scroll wheel eventually broke and I finally threw it away.

August 25, 01h

I’ve had one broken might mouse. I hacked it apart to fix it, but still no luck.

However, I still bought a new one. I really do like them, even if they do bugger up.

Further more, not sure if this has been mentioned, but theres been two types of mighty mouse, indentifyable by their boxes. One has black on some faces, the other is all white.

Apparently Apple fixed a few issues with the newer white box - My 2nd Mighty Mouse is one of these and it’s been faultless so far (about 4 months or so?)

Marc says:
August 25, 01h

Yeah, the MM is bad when playing Diablo. When you are in need of a health elixir, right-clicking on the item isn’t always a right-click. Yikes! *slayed down*
But I don’t experience any other troubles anymore. The Exposé buttons worked terrible, just touching them caused my windows to go away, but now I really need to press them. Finally! And my scrollball… it just works. 8 months and counting.

Mike says:
August 25, 01h

I’ve had similar experiences but due to the cost of the MM I’ve stuck with it. I had to turn off the side-scrolling for the ball in the middle, got used to the lack of sensitivity on the right click, but just have problems with the dirt on the ball and the lack of ability to open the darn thing to sort it.

If I was thinking about buying one, I’d think again, everyone I’ve spoken to who owns one has had the same problem with the dirt issue.

Ian Lloyd says:
August 25, 02h

Y’know, I bought myself a diddy little Logitech mouse for my travels some time ago. It’s a Mouseman Traveler and when my hand is over it, my fingers hang over the edge. At first it seemed too small but I love the design and feel of it. I’ve never actually used it on travels - it’s my full-time mouse at work on the desk. Now any other mouse seems huuuuuuge and cumbersome. And the mighty mouse might just as well be a house brick. A technically advanced housebrick, mind, but a brick of a thing nonetheless!

Proud says:
August 25, 02h

Not that it is much consolation, but there is a one-year warranty on the mouse, if you care to get it replaced.

Philly says:
August 25, 04h

Couldnt agree more with this review. My scroll button is toast and the side buttons i never used due to there terrible placement.

Personally i like the Logitech G5 Mouse its a gamer mouse but i wish it wasn’t tagged that. Its the smoothest mouse I have ever used and being able to change its dpi with a handy little button makes it much easier to go in and do those pixel size edits without even zooming in.

August 25, 04h

I’m a PC user athough use a Mac occasionally. Whenever I do, I just plug in my PC mouse. Say what you like about Microsoft; their mice work really well.

SmartyPants says:
August 25, 05h


What’s a PC?
Just kidding. =)

I’ve had a Bluetooth one since the day after they got released and it is dandy.

I am concerned, however, about the comments that I’ve read about the dust getting in the scrollball.

I think I’ll hold on dearly to the receipt. For at least one year. =)

Tom Pacyk says:
August 25, 06h

Ha, great pic. I was so excited when Apple first released the MM, but after buying it I realized it’s severely inadequate. I always end up right-clicking rather than left and it just hurts my hand after awhile although I guess that was a problem with the original Apple mouse too.

I wish Apple would finally put out a slightly ergonomic keyboard/mouse set. Take a hint from Microsoft, but make it look good.

Until then, I’m a sucker for the appearance of my desk and nothing beats the wireless keyboard and Mighty Mouse.

matthew says:
August 25, 06h

I borrowed a MM from someone for a while as Id heard negative reviews - I love it, best mouse Ive used. So much so Ive now bought a BT MM.

Steven Ametjan, you can click with both fingers and its still a normal click.

billg says:
August 25, 07h

I move back and forth between an iMac with an MM and a Linux box that uses a cheap Microsoft mouse. The MM has a nicer feel and is more comfortable to use. However, I never use the side buttons because I’d need to reposition my hand. The scrollwheel does stop working sometimes, but responds to being pushed hard back and forth.

My hands are large, so, if anything, I’d like a bigger version.

Ben Marini says:
August 25, 08h

Yup. Why can’t Apple get a mouse right? They get most everything else right. It’s all about the Macally Ice Mouse

Kevan says:
August 25, 09h

Logitech G7. Wireless, even has quick change battery cartridges.

Greg says:
August 25, 10h

I guess I’m just old school, because I love my Wacom and use it constantly. (My mouse is only attached to my computer for when others need to help me with something)

August 25, 10h

I returned mine the next day. It’s utter crap.

Ash Searle says:
August 25, 10h

That’s a nice honest review. I don’t suppose you’re going to follow up with a Macbook Pro review are you?

It’s the largest laptop I’ve ever used and yet they chose to put half-height cursor keys, half-height function keys and a half-WIDTH return key.

Oh, and unlike every other laptop in the world, the muppets decided to put the slot-loading DVD drive in the front of the laptop - which is frickin’ useless if you’re using it on your lap (i.e. the DVD ejects into your gut… which is very uncomfortable when using it on trains, planes and automobiles.)

I tried taking mine back to the Apple store, but as I’d spent over two weeks giving the keyboard a chance, they wouldn’t give me a refund.

It’s been two months now, and I’m still not use to those tiny little keys.

Bob Aman says:
August 25, 10h

If they got rid of the stupid touch sensors and made the side buttons not be retarded, I would love the thing, but as it is, Logitech is still the king of mice makers.

Roy Reed says:
August 25, 10h

Looks like you all need a new Logitech MX Revolution. Only $100!

Wayne Godfrey says:
August 25, 10h

Has anyone had any experience with the Mac Mice?

Joshua says:
August 25, 10h


Yes, and they are horrible. They are far worse than Apple’s mice. It’s just a company who knows how to take flashy pictures of crap products, market them well and make some money. The actual product is amazingly cheap, flimsy and just plain crap. Stay away.

David Martin says:
August 25, 11h

Regarding my previous review above -> I’ve had my MM for nearly 9 months and continue to love it. I do not find the side buttons to be hard to activate and use them on a regular basis to activate Expose. The scroll wheel is such a breath of fresh air compared to other mice scroll wheels, no sticking or wear as of yet. The right click on mine works flawlessly and I love it.

Mark says:
August 25, 13h

Scroll wheel: I like it. Haven’t had a problem with it.
Left/right buttons: They do misfire sometimes. That’s a problem.
Side buttons: Purely novelty.

And my wife’s has a mysterious gray smudge similar to those plaguing the new white macbooks.

August 25, 14h

That’s why I still use the one-button mouse. =D

sriracha says:
August 25, 14h

I’ve been using the MM for months now both at work and at home, and it’s the best mouse I’ve ever used (mainly b/c I like the scroll ball). I never use the side buttons, and I’ve never had any trouble with the left/right click detection.

Regarding the problems with the scroll pea: folks, it gets dirty sometimes, and you can fix it. Sometimes, when I eat my lunch at my desk, I get crud in there and the scroller stops working. Just hold it upside-down and scroll back and forth for a bit, and the crud will fall out. If it’s really persistent, try rolling the pea on a slightly damp napkin.

DRoss says:
August 25, 15h

Using one right now and have experienced same problems as others.

My scroll nipple only scrolls down and sometimes that doesnt even work.

Also, I’ve disabled the side buttons and set the nipple to be the “Expose - All Windows”.

If you’re finger happens to be moist for whatever reason it’s hard to scroll up or down.

But, I do like the fact that I can scroll sideways. Comes in handy, especially in photoshop docs.

Have a nice weekend.

Hey Dave - you should add cursor: pointer to your buttons here.

Dobbs says:
August 25, 15h

The side buttons are indeed crap. I disabled them within a day. My scroller is inconsistent (sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t–always seems to work left and right but only 50/50 up and down and often up but not down or vice versa).

I have no probs with the left and right click, though. They both work as expected and well.

Richard says:
August 25, 15h

You can easily clean the scroll “nipple” by turning the mouse upside down and rolling it on a piece of chamois.

I’ve been using a wired model since they came out. At times the left click especially screws up but I like pushing down on the scroll nipple to activate dashboard and mine seems to have worked fine for the entire time I’ve had it now that I’ve got the nipple clean. If you clean it monthly and keep the gunk off your hand that’s rolling it (this is true for mine anyway) it seems to work fine. I agree though, it’s not perfect but I went from a one button Apple mouse to it and scroll wheels and nipples are hard to live without, I agree.

Virginia says:
August 25, 15h

I love the feel of the Mighty Mouse, but the scroll nipple has driven me a bit nuts - you really have to make sure your hands are very clean when you use the mouse (and don’t eat at your desk!) or it quickly becomes clogged, and it can takes more than a quick rub with a chamois to get it moving again.

But the click/right-click thing is just a matter of (2 hours’) practice - even my mum’s got the hang of it - and the side squeezy buttons loosen up after a couple of months. I invoke Dashboard with them, so I don’t think I’m risking RSI…

John says:
August 25, 16h

The omnidirectional scrolling of the “nipple” is the killer feature for me. When working in layout/design programs hunting for the horizontal scroll bar is really interruptive - I have to leave whatever area I’m working on and dig around for it at the bottom of the screen.

Zoom keyboard shortcuts + MM omniscroll = bliss. It’s a major annoyance to go back to my MS scroll wheel mouse and not have it.

As for the “side squeeze” buttons, I completely ignore them. The gesture just feels too awkward.

August 25, 16h


I use the original (corded) mighty mouse with my ADB Apple Extended Keyboard II. Together, I think they are perfect (not in looks, perhaps) and two of the best input devices Apple (or anyone) has made.

I happen to like the side buttons, the scroll ball, and the feel of the MM in my hand. I couldn’t be happier with it. Sorry your experiences were less enthusiastic.

Mason Gentry says:
August 25, 17h

Remember the circular mouse that the G3’s had? Those were even worse.

Mike Doan says:
August 25, 19h

I think the sensors get confused when you rest your finger on the left click while trying to right click. I adjusted by lifting my finger off the left sensor when I right click.

I don’t even bother with the side buttons.

August 25, 19h

Funny. As recently as yesterday evening I decided enough was enough and switched my MM with my Logitech MX1000. After exactly one months use something mechanical is wrong and a click now sometimes has a very loud sound. On top of that there’s the same issue with the scroll thingy getting stuck. It’s just not acceptable. I have Logitech mice from the last century worn from years of use which are functioning perfectly today.

I do miss the 360 scroll wheel but it’s a small price to pay for something that works and the MX 1000 can scroll horizontally so it’s no big loss.

And did anyone mention the ergonomics of the MM? There’s a chapter to be written on that alone. Did they fire that department at Apple? Their keyboard is also the worst rubbish I’ve tried the last ten years or so.

matt says:
August 25, 19h

I bought one literally 2 minutes after it was announced. I used it for 4 days. I gave it to someone at work, went back to my $9 logitech optical mouse.

Bobby Dragulescu says:
August 25, 22h

I had the exact same experience as you Dave. The scrollball would jam up almost every day, and I had to solve it by scrolling furiously up and down until the debris dislodged. God knows how much crap has accumulated inside the mouse due to that. The side buttons are too firm to be intuitive, and too sensitive if you need to just pick up and reposition your mouse, making them completely useless. And the button sensors, while a sexy idea, are just not there yet. I would often have to LITERALLY click the absolute edge/side of the mouse button just to get it to understand which side I was clicking.

Sexy vs. functional, I’ll have to take the latter. I switched to a cordless black Logitech, which was a REALLY hard decision because anyone who knows my Mac setup knows how “matchy matchy” I am.

Now if Logitech would start making Mac-like devices, I think their business would really skyrocket.

August 25, 23h

I’m on my second MM; I got tired of taking the first one apart, dissasembling the scroll ball mechanism, and cleaning the crap off the tiny rollers about once a month.

I’ve heard that later production models are better at not getting clogged up than the ones that were released at first; I’ll have to wait and see on that one.

I disabled the side buttons and only use vertical scrolling.

Mark Martin says:
August 26, 06h

Had for 3 days then went out and bought a Microsoft Intellimouse Optical. Not fancy but gets the precision job done I need for graphics. Steve Jobs is hung up on his mouse design like George Bush is hung up on Iraq. They just refuse to admit they made a bad decision.

Andrew F says:
August 26, 13h

I suggest Logitch cordless mice, I have two, and both are accurate, light and multifunctional. I use a Logitech LX7 Cordless at work, and its the smoothest mouse I have ever used. I also use Logitech’s dual laser wireless laptop mouse for when I’m going portable, small, and it stores the wireless receiver in the mouse, which once is in there, turns off the mouse for a simple package on the go. I can’t find the model number for the laptop mouse on Logitech’s site, maybe they stopped selling them, but I have been very very happy with both. Of course I’m a PC user so I never used the MM, but I have used apple’s other mice, and any time I have used a Mac, I always used a third party mouse with them for that specific reason.

Bryan says:
August 26, 18h

Apple needs to move on from its blind resistance to multi-buttom mice. It needs to realise that we want a true two button mouse, not one that acts like a two button mouse when it chooses to. The scrolly ball stopped working for me about 3 months after I got my PowerMac at work this year, the only reason I can think of was perhaps a build up of gunk through the oils in my hands, not unlike what appears at the bottom of a mouse after regular use.

I finally got sick of this scrolly jamming and went out and got the Microsoft Comfort Mouse 3000 which still allows me to do vertical and horizontal scrolling. Much easier to use and only AUS$40.

I hope the next mouse out of Apple will truly live up to its title, unlike this one.

kit says:
August 27, 00h

The illustration is so damn cool, I set it as my desktop wallpaper. Center the picture and white the whole background. Beautiful.

clint says:
August 27, 06h

I’ve been using the MIghty mouse for quite some time now, and I love it. After some experimenting, and being annoyed with it myself, I found that my left/right click issues were just a form of operator error. If your fingers happen to be touching both sides of touch sensors, then the mouse is easily confused. If however, you touch just one side at a time, the mouse is correct 100% of the time. It works well, but as many are in the habit of resting both fingers on the mouse itself, which you can do on a traditional two-button mouse, I can see how it would be troublesome.

The scroll-wheel I’ve had some trouble with, but not enough to annoy me the way it seems to have others. I would suggest washing your hands before use.

And the side buttons? Sure they’re a little difficult to press, but I seem not to have found anything useful to do with them anyway. I mean really, who needs four buttons on a mouse?

Anyway, I guess my favorite thing about this mouse was the freebie I got from Apple when they shipped it. They accidently put two in the shipping box for me. Thanks Steve!

Yannic says:
August 27, 08h

The “Forward” squeeze button on the right keeps annoying me..

I have not figured out how to press it,yet.

Adrian says:
August 27, 12h

I’ll take any other mouse any day… When Apple released the MM, I thought “They’re kidding, right?”. Turns out they weren’t, but why would anybody get something like that that seems so counter-intuitive? No actual left and right mouse buttons, but you can left and right click? I gotta say for the average user, it would seem odd and confusing…

I’d rather have a much more intuitive looking and using mouse like from Logitech or Microsoft even if it doesn’t match the decor of the Mac.

August 27, 13h

I really like my mighty mouse, and when the bluetooth version came out I jumped at the chance to buy it.

I really like it as a mouse; so much, in fact, I now have three – one for my laptop, one that came with my iMac (now sitting in a draw), and the BT. Love them all.

Love them all, but still agree with you. The right button click takes a while to get working (don’t know if it learns, or I do) and the squeeze can go off at inoportune moments (but then Expose always looks cool).

apmeyer says:
August 27, 22h

I couldn’t agree more. I was so excited the day it was released. And I was so disappointed the day I plugged it in. Garbage.

August 27, 22h

I got my Mighty Mouse, and loved it for about the first couple months. The scroll bar then stopped working, and I got another one. I now have the same problem with this one. I still like the mouse, but the scroll ball bugs me since it keeps breaking.

Zach says:
August 27, 22h

That scroll ball thing bothered me so much I ditched the mouse after a little more than a week and went back to my “Microsoft Comfort” 3000. Why, oh why, did Apple try to reinvent the wheel?

Ryan says:
August 27, 23h

The click detection is a massive problem. Not being able to press multiple buttons at once is a huge design flaw.

And I agree the ball isn’t robust enough.

mike says:
August 28, 00h

Nothing beats the two-button scroll mouse with ball, wired only please. Nothing. Everyone can keep their wireless, laser whatevers. Change isnt always good.

Ryan says:
August 28, 00h

I notice people keep saying: “You just have to learn to lift you fingers off the mouse before you click, that way it wont get confused.”

The obvious problems with this are: resting your fingers on the mouse is more compfortable and probably better for you hands; and secondly, what if you want to press both buttons at once?

Apple would do well to ditch the touch sensors and just split the mouse shell in half so you can click each side separately.

August 28, 01h

I have to agree. The Mighty Mouse is the crappiest mouse I have ever used, bar none. The click detection is painfully inadequate and the scroll-ball is a nice gimmick, but about as durable as a twinkie on the highway. Seriously, the click detection is a massive, massive design flaw. “You just have to learn to lift your other finger!”, you say? Your mileage my vary, but I like my hands without carpal tunnel syndrome.

And how in the world can they sell a mouse without a scroll-wheel or ball? When I first saw pictures of the BT Mighty Mouse I thought their marketing department had messed up, I could not believe Apple would sell a mouse without one. That removes 90% of the incentive of using a mouse at all, you can just go back to all-keyboard without that.

And don’t get me, either, started on the side buttons. I’m pretty sure 90 percent of users pretty much have to turn them, or they activate all the time.

Overall, it is an utterly stupid design. They have to ditch their fear of multi-button mouses alltogether. The Mighty Mouse is a half-assed cop-out. It doesn’t work. In my opinion, the best, most robust and most comfortable general-purpose mouse is still the standard issue Microsoft IntelliMouse, with Exposé activated by the middle button. Sure, it doesn’t look as slick, but ergonomically and functionally, the crap Apple produces at the moment doesn’t even compare. And that’s from a Mac fanboy.

Karen says:
August 28, 04h

I really like the Logitech mouse range - I’ve just switched to the MX Revolution from the MX1000. It is a really nice mouse and the new scrolling wheel is tremendous. The only thing I’ve found is that the back and forward buttons don’t always register first time.

They also don’t include the new drivers that you need on the CD - you have to download them (a slight annoyance).

I’ve used the Apple one button mouse and really disliked it, so I’ve steered clear of the MM on the basis that it was too similar - it seemed a compromised solution to avoid admitting that two button mice were best. The Logitech mouse is much more ergonomic (if you are right-handed) and I love the extra functionality of the various extra buttons.

August 28, 04h

I’ve finally given up on the Mighty Mouse - the click sensor is only accurate about 90% of the time and the scroll wheel consitantly clogs up and stops working.

I bought a nice replacement (white and silver) and look forward to using a predictable and functional mouse again.

Nice try Apple, but this time you failed.

dwightk says:
August 28, 05h

Hey… all you people who are “throwing your Mighty Mouses away” can hook me up…

Puiz says:
August 28, 05h

Right-clicking is harder than left-clicking. And that’s with good reason. Left-clicking is about a billion times more important, as you do it so much more often. If a mouse forces me to use only one or two fingers for left-clicking, I won’t buy it. I need to use the whole hand, ‘cause I click so much. Thousand times a day.

The scroll ball will get dirty and needs to be rubbed and cleaned all the time. Yes, it’s an annoyance.

And the side buttons aren’t very useful either. They need too much pressure, but that has a reason too: so you can still use them to lift the mouse.

So, some great additions, with a minor problem (ball) and a few necessary compromises. I would never go back.

August 28, 06h

I’ve used the wired MM almost since launch. I quickly adjusted to the two button arrangement and only needed to clean the scrollball once. Seeing as this is actually my first two-button mouse since first using the Mac over ten years ago, I didn’t really have any major expectations to be shattered.

Those side-buttons are awkward and, like many other users here, were switched off within days. Otherwise the mouse is comfortable to hold, the scrollball is very useful and the third button makes a great app switcher. I still use the single-button mouse at work so my keyboard skills are still kept fresh.

My mileage has clearly varied from other folks. I don’t view the MM as a failure but a typically Apple-like take on a multi-button mouse that can still offer single-button simplicity. Whether it succeeds or fails is really down to the personal tastes of each user, in the same way I prefer wired mice while other’s love going wireless.

the other steve jobs says:
August 28, 07h

The issue boils down to the biggest problem… click-dragging over long distances.

i hold the mouse near its ass with my thumb and ring finger - the side buttons are no where near i hold it.. esp. since the side buttons DO things..

so, somehow, paradoxically, Apple wants you to simultaneously push down on “the mouse” to click, and lift it if you have to click-drag for long distances/in confined mousing spaces.

its retarded.. and the cheapest Dell mouse does it fine whereas, i CAN’T do it with the MM or with ANY no-button mice.

Frank says:
August 28, 07h

I didn’t like the Mighty Mouse at first, but then I really took a shine to it. Especially having the scroll wheel for scrolling horizontally and vertically at the same time.

August 28, 07h

My experience with the Mighty Mouse has been the complete opposite of yours - works perfectly, in both right-click and scroll ball functions. I’ve had it since not too long after they came out (it’s the wired version). Love it.

Only complaint I have is that the side buttons aren’t as easy to use as I’d like, but otherwise it’s been a fantastic mouse.

D. Chesney says:
August 28, 08h

I’ve had a wired Mighty Mouse since the day after they came out and a Bluetooth one since they came out, and I’ve never had problems with either of mine. I guess everyone doesn’t have the same experience. Sorry about the problems you’ve had.

nex says:
August 28, 08h

(re #5:) is it a problem if you click with two fingers (while in two-button mode)? i mean, is that thing even capable of detecting a simultaneous left-and-right click?

Tom Stimson says:
August 28, 08h

If you like the MM, then you must not have ever used a good mouse. I realize that in order to be innovative you have to ignore conventional wisdom, but this thing just does not work. The two buttons on the side are right where you grip causing unintended consequences when you brace your fingers to try an execute a right click without moving the cursor. The right click / left click seems to be some sort of Steve Jobs revenge - he has never liked the idea of right-clicking. It is almost impossible to tell whether the right or left is engaging. While it is possible to train yourself to use the scroll ball - it is challenging. Since it lets you scroll sideways, you will be surprised when it does. Finally the third button is way to easy to engage. I guess the designers of this mouse have very soft hands and an impercetible light touch.

August 28, 09h

Well I just called Apple, and I will be getting my replacement Might Mouse in a few days.

Davey says:
August 28, 12h

hehe, well I just found the image amusing.
I stick to my logitech mice, personally.

42 says:
August 28, 12h

agreed. I returned the MM after a few days. my hand ached for a week afterwards. in my case it’s simply too low – I need a big arched mouse and the Kensington Pilot Mouse fits perfectly even if it’s ugly – and the scroll pea is way too small.

John says:
August 28, 15h

I have found that the mighty mouse has worked seamleassly. As someone else said after a bit of use the side buttons loosen up and all the added function is a defiinate boost to the mac mouse. It could do with being a bit more ergonomic to the hand but that’s about it. I spend 8/10 hours a day using it on and off and I really have no problems. Speeds up workflow greatly. I have the side buttons set up to expose which means I don’t even have to touch the keyboard to jump between open applications / windows. The scroll ball works pretty well and after searching online found ways to clean it - so all good.

Arnold Ziffel says:
August 28, 17h

I bought my MM when they were first released and have loved it. I, being the contrarian I am (and not having anything but a cloven hoof to work with), have disabled the right click, making my MM a one buttoner. Also disabled the side buttons.

The scroll ball has acted up a couple of times from being dirty, but I get a papertowel wet with Windex and roll the ball around on it a bit, which fixes it in short order. My wife still prefers her one single button mouse, and it drives me crazy when I use her ‘puter and don’t have the scroll ball to use.

Just like everything else in this world, the MM is not for every taste, but I think Apple has done a good job with it. If one doesn’t like it, it’s not like it’s a big deal to get another mouse that works.

August 28, 23h

Let’s face it, Apple does a lot of things right and I am a fan. But when it comes to building a mouse, forget it. Remember the “hockey puck” round mouse? Garbage, most users threw it away and bought a new mouse. Or tried to sell it on eBay!

I reviewed the wired MM on my blog ( when it was released and I hated it. I did not and will not buy the BT MM. I like the Radtech mouse and driver and I recently checked out the new laser Logictech. Both are better than Apple’s MM.

The MM is over engineered and not all that functional. I would not go as far as saying Garbage, but I do not like it either. And I am a long time Mac user.

To the other Mac fans out there, it is OK to not like an Apple product once in a while you know!

Rocketeer says:
August 29, 05h

From what I picked up so far, You need to have good hygeine to use a mighty mouse and even if you do wash your hands, it still doesn’t work. I think I’ll stick to my regular optical mouse!

August 29, 18h

I haven’t strayed from my marvelous Kensington Turbo Mouse for 10 years. Now using it with a G4 Desktop and, when traveling, with my new Mac Book Pro 15. Virtually never is a problem, needs cleaning about once a year and Kensington’s service is utterly unbelievably incredible. Four buttons and they all work beautifully. Kensington got it right from the beginning and continues to do so.

Kyle says:
August 30, 08h

If you are a designer then you should LOVE the Mighty Mouse for one reason: the scroll ball or “nipple”.

First, the scroll ball will let you scroll back and forth in many applications. I use this while zoomed into Flash and couldn’t live without it. Second, the scroll ball has an acceleration that I have never experienced in any scroll wheel. This allows you to scroll slowly for reading, and then jump from the page top/bottom when scrolling fast. It’s amazing.

Here are two suggestions to love your Mighty Mouse:

1) Clean your nipple, it will work like new.
2) Change your mouse settings so that the side buttons don’t do anything.

Mark says:
August 30, 12h

Not a fan of the MM. I had one, it broke, I found it too small, and the side buttons were oddly placed to me. I much prefer a larger mouse. Its not a terrible mouse mind you, just for some I can understand the annoyances.

Giancarlo says:
August 30, 16h

As an Adobe Illustrator user, it was hard to use. Not very ergonomic. It never felt right. My friend agreed. The scroll ball is backwards technology. Why follow the obsolete ball driven mouse??? Maybe the product designers were on something when they designed that part. Minimalist is good. But this one just sucks. I sold mine on ebay when I got a replacement.

Zak says:
August 31, 08h

I agree with the first and last point. I absolutely hate the right click feature. The curvature of the Apple mouse just doesn’t lend itself to right clicking. The side squeeze thing is pointless, and I don’t hold the mouse in such a way that lends itself to squeezing the sides. I must say that I love the scroll wheel though. Once I started using it at work I had to get one at home.

I can’t stand how most scroll wheels work on Windows, the fact that it’s one dimensional and one click of the wheel goes down the entire page. They should make them all like this.

September 08, 19h

I had some problems too with my MM, but i want to say that it was realy usefull too me the horizontal scroll when i had to draw a map on my 15,2” pb on a very wide scan, I don’t have a large screen monitor at the moment, so that’s why i still like my mm.
Anyway Appple shoud make some changes to the mouse.

September 10, 06h

Well, I found this forum, while trying to get instructions on how to dismantle the bloody mighty soap-alike mouse.

I am a pro press photographer and bought it having in mind the classic one button heavy-duty mouse.

So, I tried using video editing s/w with this, and also began browsing my new G5 mac OS X 10.4.4 (.7 now).

I never managed to say one good word from the first day I used this sales gimmick !

USABILITY = 1 (out of 10) !.

Left click gets a real pain … as it seems the button can get activated from a tiny height in comparison with a deep click (fully pressed) and a touch click (just because I rest on it !).

I never managed to right-click properly. This causes problems using the finder menus (file manager) as well. Especially when left click is applied once on the white space on the left side of a file.

The piece described below is the WORST piece in this construction !. Tiny piece, you put lot of finger strain to use this …

The scroll ball !

I used it continuously for upto 9 hours !, I washed my hands about 11 times to avoid sweat etc. and apart from being able to get irritated because its surface is designed to slip from your hands, I realised after 9 hours of usage it begun mulfunctioning !.

Now, after 3 months of usage, the scroll ball does not scroll down, only goes up !. No left, no right side bar movement !.

The worst product it came to my hands in my 25 year ‘career’ using computers (I was a s/w eng in the past) !.

I used it the first 4 days of my purchase, only, and it broke down !

I now try to breakit into pieces and try clean it without damaging it…. Impossible !. A device for single use I would comment.

It is a petty. really !.

Pros: Dirt gets stuck in the outter areas below the mouse, and gets cleaned easily.

Any suggestions of a proper mighty-compatible mouse please ?.

monstaloc says:
September 13, 22h

thank you for this site. been using my bt mm heavily since I got it and right clicking wasn’t a problem until today. I have PCs (ms wired opitcal mice and a standard dell) and i go back and forth all the time. scroll nipple, I’ve had no issues but the right click, works about 1 out of 10 times now. Like someone said, i had to take any part of my hand off of the left side of the mouse and then click on the right side for it to register right. I like resting my fingers and hand on the mouse.

So what did i do? i turned the mouse at an angle so my hand is about 25 - 30 degrees to the right. my index finger is now real close to the nipple while my middle finger extends to the edge of the right side. I have to curl my hand a little bit too, like I’m playing the piano. This is the only way to get a 7 to 8 out of 10 success rate.

They need distinct right /left buttons. The side buttons should be clickers too, not pressure sensitive ones.

Ben Cline says:
September 20, 08h

This is hilarious. My scroll wheel on my mighty mouse broke within two weeks. Any suggestions as to what I should do? I’m mean I did pay 50 plus dollars for a broken mouse.

September 22, 21h

Love mine, been banging on it for 6 months everyday at my job. So, reading this thread, looks like there’s some defective parts out there. RMA a new one.

And as far as the clitoris ball, it might be a little too sensative for some applications, but overall my experience using it as a web developer is good. Right click can require some conscious effort now and then, but not a big deal, I think the other features out-weigh the initial behavior adjustment.

ncus says:
September 24, 09h

Mine have no problem on right click. The Mice is two months old, the little scroll ball is still working.

I love it more than my logitech mouse.

P says:
September 27, 16h

I loved mine until a couple days ago! It seems a lot of the time, the right click doesn’t work. Or, where I will have to click off an app and re-open it to get it working again. I still use it, but is sucks!!

Vegar says:
September 28, 03h

Never had a problem using my MM, but bought the Logitech cordless desktop for Mac a week ago.


Mag says:
October 01, 02h

I think what caused the outcome to be like this is that apple tried to make something different, just to be different.

October 03, 19h

I’ve never had a problem with the right click detection, but that’s because I naturally raise my left finger off the left button when I right click, for some reason. Maybe the people in product testing also had more of a tendency to do this.

The multi-directional scrolling is great, but I think I prefer a big wheel for most scrolling.

The side button sucks. I like my MS mouse, where I have the independnt side buttons setup as copy and paste. The “squeeze” button sucks for that.

One thing I do like about it is the size. I hate big mice. I don’t paw my hand over the whole thing, rather, I hold it with the tips of my fingers and rest my wrist on the mouse pad – the MS mouse is bit too high and can make my hand sore sometimes. This was the only thing I liked about the hockey-puck mouse; it was small and easy to manupulate. The fact that it had only one button and you could never tell if it was oriented correctly without looking at it made it useless.

Adam Khan says:
October 05, 00h

I went back to Mac with the Macbook, and like the portability so much I resolved to ditch using a mouse, period, and use only the trackpad.

Considering I was using an Acer before, the Macbook trackpad is a huge improvement, and now I find using a mouse awkward in comparison to a good big smart trackpad. It’s far from the keys, for one thing. And the new Macbook trackpad is big and smart.

So when I feel like getting up and working at another desk, I’ve got less to carry around. And with the drag lock option on, I found even graphics work not a problem.

Kill your mouse, I say.

October 12, 09h

Any Apple mouse slows my work down by 30-40%.

Adrienne Adams says:
October 12, 14h

Logitech MX500 optical mouse. $25.00 and change. I’ve had one for almost two years and it works flawlessly–the scroll wheel never gunks up, lots of buttons in the right places, comfortable for those 9+ hr days. It’s big, and at first feels kinda weird, but ergonomically it’s excellent.

Logitech makes the best mice, hands down, period.

Cris says:
October 13, 00h

I love the MM, but it seems it has serios problems with the scroll wheel! This is the second MM within one year! The first one broke after about 6 months, the second one after 2 months. :(

Pat says:
October 16, 21h

I have mixed feelings about my “mighty mouse” - often the “scroll button” will scroll up, but not down on a page in Safari, until I restart the browser. I’ve gotten more used to the different “buttons” as time has gone on - I think it’s an adequate mouse, just not really mighty.

Lindsay Martin says:
October 19, 23h

I too had my mouse stop scrolling up after about a month of use. Thank God for google and the tips on this site. Blowing hard into the scroll ball hole with the ball depressed works for me. Maybe I should vacuum more often?

Andrew Sawers says:
October 22, 10h

I’m with you on this one Dave. Fed my MM to the cat, when I say cat I mean a 8oz lump hammer.

Jim Cook says:
October 23, 14h

Just gave my MM back to IT and bought a Logitech VX Revolution. Very nice. No looking back.

October 26, 06h

There is definitely a problem with the right click functionality.
I have one and so does my coworker - his right clicking is worse than mine.
I’m not talking about having to take your other fingers off while right clicking, that was easy to get the hang of. I’m talking about right click functionality disappearing without any rhyme or reason. When it bugs out, there’s no way to get it back except turning the bluetooth off then back on on your mac.
Mine works about 90% of the time, coworkers more like 70%.
Apple should address this issue.
After all - it’s like a $70 mouse.
For that price it should have headphones and a screen ;)

Karin says:
November 02, 05h

My scroll ball stopped scrolling up so I was looking for a fix. I read the first few comments… got to the one about the stuck scroll ball not scolling up. I used an compressed air duster and blew out the ball… it worked! Maybe a little rubber cement thinner (graphic artist tool from “back in the day”) to wipe it down too… that has always safely cleaned off gunky stuff from my mouse(s) and mouse surface.

Fred Wilczenski says:
November 12, 07h

I’m having to same problem, love the original mouse my iMac came w/ when I bought it back it 2002, but during the years it being clear couldn’t stop the inside picking up lint & dirt so I decided it was time for a new mouse. Went to the Apple store was told no more of the clear mouse , we have the “Mighty Mouse” well to make a long story shortly after about 3-4 months the little scrolling ball stopped working & would just scroll up & not down on the page. So I did clean it as what I was told when calling Apple Customer Service it did work for a while now I’m back to the same old S#!t w/ the damn thing. NOT GOING TO PAY AGAIN $49.00. Guess it’s time to get use to my Wacom Tablet Intuos2 2d wireless Mouse (never use it because never had to, just use the wireless pen for my graphic stuff)

Shawn says:
November 14, 07h

Solution to the mighty mouse woes… found over at:

I use Mighty Mouse both at home and at work and love it. Every once in a while the scroll nipple stops working up or down, but it’s always been easy to fix. Turn the mouse up-side down, then vigorously roll the nipple on a clean piece of lightly-textured fabric while pressing down on it. The fabric removes oils and debris, and pressing down while rolling lets any trapped debris fall out. This has fixed my mouse every time.