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CSS Reboot

November 01, 2005

Happy November, it’s CSS Reboot day. With over 300 participants, there’s a whole lot of fresh pixel goodness to look through. (Some of the sites seem a bit slow, likely due to the traffic.)

As with any project of this sort, people of all different backgrounds and skill levels have contributed. There are a few token efforts, and some feel strangely inspired by others, but overall the bar has been set rather high for this round.

Some of the cream of the crop:

Personal Development
Trevor Delamorandiere’s business site. Nice colours, inspired portfolio.
Lucid Crew
A design team from the southern States, rocking the grunge look and the Scriptaculous library. (Check the portfolio)
Cafe Lisa
I liked the last version, and I love the new look. Although you can put me down as undecided whether the fixed frame works or not, it’s good to experiment and a personal site like this is the ideal place for it.
Bastiaan Terhorst’s portfolio site. The grid layout and inventive blog format are complemented by strong photographs and a distinct visual style. Great work, probably my favourite of the bunch.
Great colour scheme from this design and development studio from Ontario.
There’s just something about Slovenian designer Mitja Ribic’s personal site. Strange layout, odd animated GIF annotation, but it all kind of works. I think.

And plenty more I didn’t have time to go through. Great effort, all.

November 01, 12h

I wonder where CSS Reboot fits into the picture when it comes to the latest from Cameron Moll?


Marc b says:
November 01, 12h

Hmm.. ribic reminds me of the way he uses those comments like “neat detail” and so on.

mind you, thats like saying the man in blue reminds me of mezzoblue because they both have a blue color in it.

As an aside - I wish people would specify image dimensions when they code so we dont have to put up with jumpy page loads.

November 01, 12h

“Personal Development” also caught its way into my own notes of Reboots worth to mention, which I will post in the next few days.

It’s a really good example of how to use semantical markup to achieve accessibility, demonstrating, in the meantime, that accessibility doesn’t have to be incompatible with good-looks.

On the same notes, I also scribbled some examples of “heavy inspiration”, but that will most likely not make it to the final post (just for information, Simplebits seems to be very inspiring overall ;) )

Yannick says:
November 01, 13h

Those were some good picks Dave. Also take a look at Matt Brett’s website. I think this one is definitely one of the better ones in the reboot.

All in all, good job by those who participated.

November 01, 14h

I like the idea about a cssreboot, but i got to big. I don’t like the way the pages get voted on(many good sites have a average of 1.9, while less good sites is on the top10). And nighter do I like that there is so many pages. I wished for a system where the users gave eachother response, and votes based on the response. That is my opinion. I’m not happy with my own page, but that is more my problem.

Dustin says:
November 01, 16h

So, what’s up with your name showing in the list Dave? Was this you, or just someone posing as you?

I specifically remember clicking on the URL on that page, and I came straight here from clicking it. I thought, this will be interesting, Dave Shea is participating in the Reboot (how fun). Looks like now though, the webmaster has edited the URL to point to his/her own site.

I think someone was just shankin’ the status of your name just to get some extra traffic.

November 01, 18h

Are you thinking of a reboot too Dave?

November 01, 20h

For real. I’m put in a queue… Dave, do you read your queued comments?

November 01, 20h

First comment must have been dropped.

Dave, did you see the post on CSSReboot that had your name in it?
(I’ll break the url so it won’t go in a queue) cssreboot .com / rebooters/mezzo

Someone had originally used your URL to fake it like you were going to reboot, then when the reboot launched (today) they changed the URL to their scam.

November 02, 00h

Hey Dave,
Thanks for the heads up.
It’s much appreciated :)

November 02, 00h

While that Personal Development site wears its Accessibility banner front-and-centre, it doesn’t stand up to much scrutiny.

Apart from the fact that the text about accessibility (apparently “taking into consideration all of the common, as well as most of the uncommon, best practices”) is far too small and poorly leaded to read comfortably, increasing the font-size to make it easier to see causes the white text to spill onto the white background, rendering it invisible.

Hardly what I’d call very accessible.

November 02, 03h

Unfortunately, each of these sites suffers either from bad contrast, heavy load time, or poor usability (or includes all these issues). Don’t get me wrong - especially the authors -, all sites definitely look nice (great work, actually), but these issues need to be mentioned and, ideally, to be addressed.

trovster says:
November 02, 05h was by far my favourite. ribic is second.

Mike WS says:
November 02, 09h

I’m glad I’m not alone. I agree with Matthew entirely. I sampled 3 of your suggestions and my immediate impression was that they looked like splash screens (a homepage with very little information on it which I thought had been denounced as ‘web evil’ years ago) which was exacerbated by the fact that there was so much wasted space in prime screen estate.
We need to remind designers that it is IT, that is Information Technology. Web sites should be about disseminating information effectively not looking nice or pretty. By all means make the screen pleasing to look at but not at the expense of the message (unless your message is ‘I’m pretty vacant’, of course).

Zeerus says:
November 02, 10h

Ribic is definitely the best entry so far. None of the other designs seem very interesting to me. One thing I noticed is a lot of them followed the same layout scheme. Banner, navigation, content, footer. And a lot of them seem to have two or three boxes beneath the navigation, as seen in Personal Development.

anyway, I think the entries were better in the original CSS Reboot back in May. There doesn’t seem to be enough motivation this time around. In fact, I didn’t even know about this new reboot until about a month ago. If I had seen it earlier I would have entered too.

Zach says:
November 02, 10h

There were some 900 people signed up, so a 1/3 turnout isnt bad at all. Congrats to everyone that participated.

Dave S. says:
November 02, 10h

Right, now I remember why I don’t bother browsing the comments on anymore.

Big thanks to those who understand the difference between constructive criticism, and just simply mouthing off with an opinion.