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It's Here.

February 21, 2005

The wait is over.

Our author copies showed up today; the Zen of CSS Design is now an actual book, with real words and pictures and everything. Pretty crazy, really, to see the last six months of work packaged up into a neat ~300 page package.

The good news is that while the author’s copies just showed up, it would appear they were shipped when the books were sent to the distributors. Amazon is sending out shipping notices already, and those who have design work featured in the book have even started receiving their copies. Jon Hicks and Egor Kloos both saw the finished book before I did, in fact (albeit by only a few hours).

This is all I know at the moment, so hold onto the email for now until you hear from whoever you pre-ordered with. Any further communication should be directed their way anyway, since it’s thoroughly and completely out of our hands now. Thanks for your patience, it’s finally happening!

Book cover
Interior spread
Interior spread
Interior spread
Interior spread

Tom says:
February 21, 02h

Congrats! Off to amazon I go…

Kieran says:
February 21, 02h

Excellent, been waiting for this! Thanks for your hard work.

michael says:
February 21, 03h

Fantastic and congratulations. I’ll be getting it just as soon as I can.

JD says:
February 21, 03h

Wow! I can smell the pages! ;) Congratulations! I am heading to Amazon to get my copy! :)


Brian says:
February 21, 03h

Sweet, I pre-ordered mine a week ago from Amazon. It’s got a delivery estimate of March 1 - 5, but that’s because I used super slow-mo shipping cause I’m cheap like that.

Can’t wait, I hope it’s as good as the rest of New Riders’ stuff.

February 21, 03h

Finally [pre]ordered my copy, I cannot wait to get it. Thanks Dave for the great book…I *know* it will be great.

February 21, 03h

Congratulations to both of you. I’d certainly buy it, but I’m kinda saving for a powerbook.

Can we expect “More Zen of CSS Design” in about a year and a half?

Tom says:
February 21, 03h

Dave: now that you have it in your hands, is there anything that you would have changed?

Brandon says:
February 21, 03h


This is one book I can’t wait to get my hands on.

Jarrod says:
February 21, 03h

Congratulations man!!!
Mine should be on its way then… woo hoo!

February 21, 04h

Does anybody know about how fast one could expect to get the book delivered if ordering right now from Amazon? I ordered the same day the book was released and according to the system it’s not expected to be shipped until the end of April, I hope this isn’t true.

When I e-mailed Amazon today and asked about it they answered:
“Our latest information indicates that “The Zen of CSS Design : Visual Enlightenment for the Web” has not yet been released and the expected release date is not known. As soon as a release date has been determined for this item, we will add that information to our web site.

While we are confident that copies will be made available, we cannot provide more precise information about the fulfillment of the order. …” (And then they split my order for free so that my other books wouldn’t have to wait.)

There’s some more discussion about this at Molly’s blog:

February 21, 04h

Looks fantastic, Dave! Excellent work. Can’t wait to get a copy.

February 21, 04h

Congratulations Dave, Look forward to reading it :) and its looks yumm!!

February 21, 04h

Awesome. Just awesome. I can’t wait to get this. It will go perfect on my desk next to my new Cinema Display :)


February 21, 05h

looking good! and trust malarkey to get a nice look in on the screenshots :-p

that means my copy will be swimming its way over the atlantic as we speak…can’t wait!

February 21, 05h

My first ever order from amazon, and a great order, might I add. :)

Congratulations Dave!

Trovster says:
February 21, 05h

Wow. Yey. I’ve been waiting for this all month. I remember February launch date and have been checking Amazon and another site daily to see whether it’s being shipped yet. Now off I go to order it.

Ben says:
February 21, 05h

Big congratulations Dave on a beautiful product.

It’s great to see a new trend emerging in publishing exemplified by yourself and people like David Eggers - - that reverses the existing publishing paradigm for magazines and books.

Can’t wait to get my copy from Amazon

February 21, 06h

Congratulations Dave! I can’t wait to get my hand on it :)

February 21, 07h

Got my order in a week or two ago, can’t wait to get ahold of the copy!

February 21, 07h

I’m going to order a copy for myself as soon as possible. I’ve never brought any Web-Design related books, this will be my first. I’ll be looking foward to it.

February 21, 09h

Congrats! I think I’ll have to read this one. It was the CSS Zen Garden that originally got me interested in webdesign. Looking forward to it.

Max says:
February 21, 11h

Congrats Dave, it looks great. I’m sure it reads great too.

February 22, 01h

I’ve ordered a copy and am really looking forward to reading it. I haven’t been this excited since Real World Camera Raw! :)

February 22, 01h

I’ve got mine on order. Can’t wait.

Congratulations. :)

February 22, 02h

If you wanna get a copy shipped within 24h then go to:

Chris Jezowicz says:
February 22, 02h

CSS ZEN garden so makes me jelous. I must get this an become as good as yinz guys/girls whatever. GOOD WORK ON EVERYTHING ON THAT SITE. Im gettin’ the book asap.

Martin S. says:
February 22, 03h

Congratulations.. Yet another book I have to buy..! Great!

Bronwen says:
February 22, 05h

Yippee! Mine’s on it’s way from the publisher - can’t wait!

Renato says:
February 22, 08h


I pre-ordered last November and I’m willing to read it (but Amazon didn’t notify the shipping estimate to me, in Brazil)!

Congratulations again, Dave.

February 22, 09h

Thanks Dave for getting this book out. Having a website that promotes web standards is one thing, but doesn’t quite work when you’re trying to convince other co-workers (developers) on why they should use standards. I know it seems that by now everyone would have heard of the garden… but now that the book is officially out, folks roaming around at borders and barnes & nobles will have a gander through your book as well.

It will be nice to have something to physically hold in my hands to make my case (for standards).

Although it will be fun when we can say “remember when they had to publish an actual book on why we should use styles to design our websites….”

well… it had to happen. Congratulations to you. I’m sure it will be a great success.

Many Blessings,

February 22, 09h

I’m a student in multimedia and my professor teach the web with standards. I pre-ordered your book and i hope to control much more the power of CSS!

February 22, 10h

Wow looks really nice… nice work Dave (and not forgetting Molly!)

/me pops over to amazon for another lol…

HUH! wants ~$26 which is about £13 with the poor excahange rate atm. (which says not published yet) however wants 29.99 (which says 4-6 ways delivery)

Hell, it is then! even with $8 shipping, its still £12 less!

eijikel says:
February 22, 10h

Hi there, I’ve been long-time reader but it’s my first comment.

I am really looking forward to reading your book.


Best wishes.

France says:
February 22, 11h

I’ll be purchasing it if only for the layout/design & pagination of the book itself.

Looking forward to it.

February 22, 12h

Sorry thats £29.99 vs $26.00

…I really must slow down and triple check what I write!

February 22, 12h

Well done, it looks great!

Francesco says:
February 22, 12h

Pre-ordered on Amazon UK, Delivery estimate: 3 May 2005 - 5 May 2005

February 22, 12h

Not only Egor and Jon were lucky, I got mine yesterday morning. I am a bit of a sourpuss in the morning, but this one clearly made my day.

Kudos to you Dave and Molly for creating such a thrilling piece of work. It was an honor being a part of it!

Marcel says:
February 23, 02h

Congratulations on the book! But one question before I order it, what are the contents of it? Is it a collection of designs or does the book also show CSS tips and tricks? I can’t really see it in your pictures..

I’m going to buy it regardless but I’d like to know whether or not I can advice my colleagues to buy it, as they are more interested in CSS than designs.


Aristotle says:
February 23, 06h

It looks gorgeous.

Congratulations to everyone invovled!

Subhash says:
February 23, 08h

The book looks awesome! I just ordered it on Amazon, but it said it is not shippping until April 29! Whats up with that???

Awesome site! Congrats…

Justin says:
February 23, 08h

I just ordered your book through Amazon. Your work has been inspiring.

Joe Clark says:
February 23, 08h

Mazel tov.

Now, did what happened to me happen to you? You opened the book at a random page and the very first thing you saw was a mistake?

Brad says:
February 23, 10h

I’ll have my nose in this book for the next few months most likely, thank you for your wonderful work.

Andrew says:
February 24, 05h

$26.39 at (about 14.50 GBP)
29.99 GBP at (about $53)

Twice as expensive :( Nevermind, i’ll still buy it though

Andrew says:
February 24, 05h

Ooh, 26 GBP at with free delivery!

February 24, 05h

Great to hear that the book has finally been published! I’ve been waiting for this puppy for months. I pre-ordered on February 2 from and received an auto-confirm that shipping would occur on February 22. Still hasn’t shipped yet, but I’m hoping that the wait will soon be over. The book, like the garden, looks beautiful!

Mason Galindo says:
February 24, 05h

Great news. I preordered mine over a week and a half ago and have a shipping date of Feb 28 - Mar 2. I can’t wait.

Congrats Dave. I can’t wait to start reading :)

Tony says:
February 24, 09h

Ordered mine tonight. :)

February 24, 11h

I’m getting myself another one! I’m greedy like that ;)

The book covers quite a bit more than I thought it did when I first looked at it. I’ve already been using the book as a reference when discussing design issues; “Look that’s how they did it!”

February 24, 11h

That simply looks so awesome!

Some day I’ll get enough money, and then I’ll immediately buy it!

jon says:
February 24, 12h

your pictures got a brother salivating…ima get it just for the coffee table…here i go!


Creford says:
February 25, 02h

That may be a very useful book for me.

February 25, 08h

First off: congratulations!

But I was wondering wether every Zen Garden entry could have nice
permalinks such as etc. A little bit of
mod_rewrite htaccess magic could do this trick.”

A Random Person says:
February 26, 12h

Aye! Mathias has a good idea. What about something like:
Options +FollowSymLinks
RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule ^([1-9])(/)? index.php?cssfile=/$1/$1.css

Dave S. says:
February 26, 12h

I’d love to, I just haven’t concocted the right regex yet. This was my best guess:

RewriteRule ^/([1-9]{3,})$ index.php?cssfile=/$1/$1.css

No go. (Random Person: yours doesn’t work either.) So if someone can email me the proper regex and any other mod_rewrite voodoo I need to change this:


or this:


into this:


or even this:


Then I’d be more than happy to implement it.

February 27, 12h

Congratulations on the new book Dave!, those pictures look great, I will get my copy asap :)


Random Guy says:
February 28, 02h

Hi Dave,
You *very* nearly had it. The problem was that you were searching for numbers 1-9, so that excluded 0s. I have also slightly changed it and added the forward slash to be optional.

RewriteRule ^([0-9]{3,})(/)? index.php?cssfile=/$1/$1.css

Karen Bryant says:
February 28, 06h

Feeling a little overwhelmed, dismayed and humbled by the fact that I’ve been designing web sites for a few years now and had somehow missed the development of CSS layouts (whilst staying at home to look after my now 2 year old boy in the most isolated capital city in the world, so hopefully understandable!), the first book that I’m going to purchase on the subject is “The Zen of CSS Design”.

I came across the site a few weeks ago and was blown away by the whole concept. When I discovered there was a book I thought “I want this”. And now, seeing the beautiful layout and reading great reviews, I know “I need this!”. Congratulations, I’m sure it will bring me up to speed with the rest of the world again.

Cindy says:
February 28, 06h

My copy finally arrived this afternoon and I can’t wait to start going through it. Visually the book is stunning. I often visit the garden and as I was thumbing through the book, I kept saying to myself ‘Hey, I remember that design’.

I plan on keeping this book next to the laptop so it is in easy reach at all times. Congratulations and thank you for putting the garden in a form that can travel with me.

March 02, 02h


Renato says:
March 02, 03h

The first wait is over. Amazon has just shipped it!
Now it’s two or three more weeks: International Shipping (averages 7-11 business days)

Amit says:
March 02, 04h

Amazing work on the Garden, looking forward for my copy of the book to arrive. I hope soon that I’ll muster enough courage to submit my own design for the zen garden. Congrats Molly, Dave, and the rest of the team. You’ve got a lot of well wishers that you probably never imagined! Along with all the other great web designers, your work is truly inspiring.

Johnno says:
March 02, 05h

Great, i’ll have a copy in my lap before Easter :).

Mark says:
March 02, 11h

Today Amazon updated the availability of the book:

“Availability: Usually ships within 24 hours from”

Once I saw that I immediatly ordered it!

perke says:
March 02, 11h

good luck with the book, Dave….
btw, just got email from Amazon…. they shipped it yesterday…too bad I have to wait not less than two weeks to get it here

March 03, 03h

Finally! One copy now ordered from - awaiting it in my mailbox within a week or two. Really looking forward to read it! From what i’ve heard/seen it really is worth those USD 26 or whatever i paid for it.

Glenn says:
March 04, 03h

So far I have 5 people here who want a book, and I will order on sunday, and hopefully it will be 6 books by then. So, thank you, and thanks Molly! =)

March 05, 04h

Dude sweet! I got it right away from peach presss. It is a super informative book. Lots of color and insight to the workings of some of the greatest themes in that site.. I wish I would have gotten my design in now :( :D

Jody Stockley says:
March 07, 11h

After much anticipation, my copy arrived in the mail today! I’m really impressed with the layout (the book itself is beautiful), and from what I’ve read so far, this book is going to be on my desktop for a long time. Congratulations, and thanks for all your efforts!

Serge says:
March 08, 04h

Just ordered mine yesterday, looking forward to it!

March 09, 01h

I cant wait to get my grubby little hands on this book! Im actually really excited to get this in the mail and spend some late nights digesting every little bit of print from it.

March 09, 11h

Amazon UK is now shipping the book.

Mine was shipped 4 hours ago (ordered months ago). I can only assume they’ll be shipping all of the others out now too :)

Looking forward to the book, thanks! :)

sLIVER says:
March 10, 04h

Ordered the book yesterday - was finally available on!

March 14, 04h

It just got here today. Thank you so much, the book is beautiful.

March 16, 06h

My copy arrived in the post yesterday - it’s fantastic - thanks soooo much. Pierre

Ronald van der Wijden says:
March 29, 05h

Mine shipped march 15; it landed in my mailbox a good week later.
Been reading quite a bit during easter; I’m roughly half-way and loving it! Very pretty and informative.

Anastasi says:
December 14, 18h

Beautiful, instructional, and inspirational… This should probably be the second or third CSS book you buy once you buy a tutorial and/or a reference guide.