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Southern Hemisphere Update

October 02, 2004

And with that, Web Essentials 2004 is a wrap. The richest and most inspiring conference-going experience I’ve had all year was definitely this one in Sydney. (Updated 4 Oct)

Amidst the wettest drought I’ve ever seen (I’m told there was a drought, but you could have fooled me with all this rain), we just ended two days dissecting the ins and outs of standards based design, accessibility practice and law, and oh yes, there was a smackdown.

My thoughts about the conference will likely formulate and resolve over the coming days. For now this is a simple ‘hello world’ to mention I’m still alive and kicking. An internet connection that doesn’t force one to pick from a row of Windows machines is pretty hard to come by, as has been documented — wireless is around, but not as convenient as you’d hope. And to those expecting email from me (you know who you are) — sorry, outgoing email might not resume until I’m back.

Conference slides have finally been uploaded but they’re bound to make little sense out of context. Melbourne is a go, though we’ll fly. This Tuesday, the 5th, WSG’s Melbourne chapter is throwing a social that Doug and I are planning on being at. Show up if you’re in the area, details will hopefully be on the WSG site soon enough. (for my benefit too — the organizers would be wise to email me their phone numbers ASAP)

Oh, and one last thing. Announced publicly for the first time at WE04, here’s a little something I’ve been working on lately:

The Zen of CSS Design

Due early 2005, published by New Riders, co-written by Molly E. Holzschlag, you’ve been contacted if your design is in it, and available for pre-order on if you look hard enough. I think that about covers it, and yep, we’re excited as all heck.

Update: Currently in the Sydney airport awaiting a flight to Melbourne. Still no go on outgoing email, so yes, I’ll be there tomorrow night. Got the directions and everything, thanks Russ.

Oh, and Shaun Inman is our book’s tech editor, so feel free to announce that, Shaun.