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Weblog Entry

Helping hands

July 29, 2004

In a ‘Dailies’ link two months back, I mentioned that US Peace Corps volunteer Scott Stadum was looking for a little design help. The response was great, and now he has bigger and better plans.

Scott originally wrote in asking for some leads. His plans involved a certain amount of web design, but he had neither the contacts or capacity to do that himself. Enter this site; a quick email and I was more than happy to expose the need and see what would happen.

The readers of this site make me proud. Response was overwhelming, and Scott’s plans have snowballed as a result of the great work he received. Now he’d like to create an entire volunteer site to match projects with designers with time and the will to help out a good cause:

What I want to do is take this a step further. I want to build site that will link up average joe web and graphic designer, database guy and anyone else that can help with Peace Corps volunteers around the world. We do some partnering in Peace Corps but we don’t tap the huge potential that exists with folks at home. We need to do this. It will help get more done in the tiny timeframe that we are here in country.

And of course I’m more than happy to link again. Web design on its own won’t change the world, and anyone who thinks it can is probably taking themself too seriously. It’s what you do with the sites you design that counts, and magnanimously donating time and effort to projects like Scott’s is a great way to make a difference.