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Press Photos

January 17, 2004

Because it’s getting to the point where I’m beginning to need these, April and I took a walk today armed with my Canon and grabbed a bunch of vanity shots for miscellaneous press purposes. A big nod to Anil Dash for inspiring me to get outside for this.


A bit squinty since I was looking into the sun, but it’ll do. Thanks to Vancouver’s return to normal temperatures, we caught a bit of snow on the hills without having to wade through it on the ground. We took this on the Granville Street Bridge, if you’re curious. There’s a much higher-resolution version kicking around elsewhere on the site if you know where to look, but I’d rather not link a 600k download off this page. Use your head, you’ll find it if you’re really interested.

The rules of press photos, according to someone who knows nothing about them:

  • Be creative. A headshot against a wall is as vanilla as they get.
  • Be spontaneous. Take a bunch of shots in various locations. Get any pose/location you think might work. Try a few variations.
  • Keep shooting. We spent ten minutes on the bridge and have about 30 shots to choose from, which was narrowed down to four, which finally settled onto one. Even this ain’t perfect, but 30 is enough.
  • Plan ahead. If you think you might need a press photo in the future, chances are you’ll need it sooner than you expect. I wish I had this one a few months ago.
  • Keep it fresh. You’re a person, you change over time. A new shot every six months or year is an easy way to stay interesting.
  • Pre-process it yourself. Don’t rely on the publisher/designer to crop, adjust, or apply any form of fixing. Send a photo you’re happy with, and you won’t have reason to complain when they publish it as-is.
  • Don’t go overboard. Stay well short of this, and you’re probably doing alright.