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Consider Your World

May 04, 2003

I’m pleased to report that California is still much as I left it back in February, but somewhat chagrined to report that airport security is still as ridiculously paranoid as ever.

At 30,000 feet, I had to marvel that travelling down the United States’ west coast took all of a couple of hours. When you consider that flight was out of the reach of the average working man even up to 70 years ago, and that same trip could have taken days by car (or weeks by horse), the luxuries we consider almost pedestrian today take on a new light.

In the same respect, it’s even more incredible to look out the window of a 737 and gaze from horizon to horizon, with the odd cloud interjecting the repetitively featureless landscape and ocean, and consider you are seeing the smallest fraction of a percentage of this planet’s surface. And when you add up a whole lot of these fractions you’re starting to talk about some real distances.

And then without losing perspective of any of that, it’s phenomenal to think that people from that far away are able to bridge that distance and view your work, read your thoughts and access any information you wish to provide them with only the slightest millisecond of delay.

I’m a half a world away from you in the U.K., you in Estonia, you in the Netherlands, and you in any one of the growing list of countries I get visitors from. But the electronic separation between us is razor thin, and you could just as well be in my backyard.

It’s been expounded upon time and again, no doubt, the virtue of a worldwide network. Probably better than anything I could write, too. But until you actually go out there and consider with live visual examples what exactly that means, it’s all too easy to take for granted the absolute accessibility the internet offers.

Reader Comments

Chris M. Cooper says:
May 05, 06h

I am continually disappointed by the lack of inspiration my fellow design students seem to have, not only about their chosen field, but also about life in general. I’m happy to see you write something like this because I know that there are still inspired people out there, and that in turn inspires me… well, more so than I already was before. Even the title, “Consider Your World” is particularly powerful to me. It brings to mind other words… Consciousness. Awareness. Learning. Understanding?

Prophetic, man. Good stuff. Thank you.

anon user says:
August 26, 11h

I totally agree, but it’s easy to place the “magic” on the web, when the telephone is as guilty of grandeur as the web. more people have access to tel than the web… no visuals, but still, it’s that milisecond delay all around the world.