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Dear Getty Images

February 27, 2003

Dear Getty Images,

Thank you so much for shutting down Eyewire halfway through today.

I got the message when you added your blurb to the home page, despite being able to browse the rest of the site.

Where you really screwed me over was when you ditched the temporary home page and added the new one, cutting off access to the rest of the site, and breaking my bookmarks in the process.

The bookmarks that were linking me to the images I had to buy. Today. For a client.

So now I’ve wasted the past half hour surfing your new site, trying to find the images I need to pay you for, wondering if this is really progress. The least you could have done was made the switch on the weekend.

Please don’t do this again or I might become very cross.


(8pm update — it gets better.)

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