February 27, 2003 PST

After my tirade this afternoon, I stand thoroughly confused.

This morning eyewire.com was directing me to Getty Images, no mention of Agfa Monotype/Fonts.com, the old Eyewire chrome and the rest of the site still being available.

This afternoon when I had to buy my photos, eyewire.com was completely shut down with a message directing me to Getty, again no mention of A/F, and all the chrome missing.

Now, the Eyewire chrome is back, and I’m being directed to Fonts.com, with a small note saying that if I want images, the main reason I’ve ever visited eyewire.com, I should check out Getty.

I’m dangerously close to using the word “crackheads”.

Type was a small portion of what Eyewire had to offer, and never took much focus. Sure, let me know that you’re changing things. I can even understand jumping me over to a new site, despite it costing me time to re–locate the products I’m ponying up cash for. I’m a reasonable guy, I understand that these things happen.

But let’s put a little thinking into this before–hand, guys, mm–kay? Tell me what happened, and show me where to go to get what I need. I’m not coming to Eyewire for fonts, and that will be true for most everyone else. Don’t pretend otherwise.

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