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About Mezzoblue

About Dave Shea

Dave Shea's head shot

Yep, that’s me over to the right. Hi, I’m Dave, and this is my site. I live in Vancouver. (BC born and raised.)

My interests are varied, and I think this site has started to reflect that a bit more lately. Once upon a time I wrote a lot about technology and coding; these days I’m not so much interested in the technology as what you do with it.

I create. I’m happiest when designing, building, or creating something that didn’t previously exist. This has taken many forms over the years.

  • I am primarily a designer. I organize disorder, and coax unity out of disarray. The web is my medium, and where I’m happiest working. I try to make it a better place. I created this.

  • Growing up, I idolized Bill Watterson and thought I’d one day have my own comic strip. I drew a weekly for about a year and a half in a local paper, and eventually submitted an idea to multiple comic syndicates. Then the internet happened, and I realized the real money would come from doing it myself. I haven’t pursued this in years, but sometimes it pops back into my mind.
  • I’ve learned various coding languages over the years. In the mid-90’s it was a hobby, these days I sometimes get paid for it. I am not and will never be a real programmer, but being able to bend a computer to my will often proves useful.
  • I picked up photography again in late 2005, which you might have gathered from this site’s header. You can see some of my better photos over at Flickr. I wouldn’t call myself anything other than an amateur at this point, and it has been a long time since I’ve taken classes. But I do miss the smell of a darkroom.

  • I’m no gourmet, but I am pretty handy in a kitchen. I try to get as close to raw ingredients as possible.

I like the internet, and spend a lot of time on it. The way it’s changing our world is fascinating, but those damned YouTube videos are a little too addictive.

I’ve been blessed with the ability to travel a fair amount during my lifetime. The more countries I visit, the more I recognize the familiar in cultures that were once foreign. I wish everyone in the world could get away more often and have experiences outside their own 20km radius of influence; I suspect the world would be a better place for it.

(If you’re looking for the professional bio it’s over here. In short, I do a bit of speaking, a bit of writing, but mostly it’s about the design.)